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Vyvyan Wormwood
The Wormwood Oracle and the Mind Behind the Darkest Designs

–Recently have had a lot going on as many have in this crazy year we call 2020. I kept finding myself stuck in a rut and needing just that little nudge to get me going again so I decided it was time for a reading.
Spot-on only begins to describe the reading, It really hit the nail on the head with both the metaphysical and symbolic meanings and gave me that little nudge I needed to help me move forward confidently. Vyvyan does a wonderful job breaking down the meaning of the cards by themselves as well as how they relate to the rest of the spread as well as some of the symbology that may appear (in my case it was avian). The summary is easy to read and understand as well as being very detailed.

Would definitely recommend a reading if you just need some advice or need that little reassurance in your life, or even if it is something more complex would highly recommend it.

Thank you for a wonderful reading,