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Weekday Forecast 3.29-4.2.2021

Crow Tarot by MJ Cullinane

Greetings and Salutations my little Tarot Tots!

Today is another fun day of reading tarot for you and I. Another day to see what the week has in store. Shall we begin?

Page of Wands (Upright)- (Keywords- Ideas, Creativity, Vibrancy): Monday is going to be an interesting day. There’s a lot of chance for today to be a good day. Yesterday was the full moon so there should be some positive energy left over a little bit. Please be aware that we are in a waning moon phase though so things are starting to diminish, energy-wise. Use it wisely.

9 of Cups (Upright)- (Keywords- Positivity, fulfillment, grateful): It is a positive day today. We are looking into a time of a lot of emotional intrigue. We’re moving into the time of Aries astrologically. There is a lot of emotion that is pent up in the universe right now. If you are having an issue with relationships right now, have no fear. There could be some fighting with your inner circle during this time so feel free to seek other people out.

2 if Cups (Reversed)- (Keywords- Negotiation, partnership, confident): As a kind of relationship sense of things this week being lacking, it is possible that one should really be looking inward on this day. Today, you will see that you are lacking in the confidence you need to stand up for yourself. Feel that you are having issues and possibly should look into doing some shadow work, should you be fit at this time.

6 of Pentacles (Upright)- (Keywords- Generosity, compassion, charitable): Today is a good day to go back to working on relationships with other people, or just working on ourselves. We must be giving to the people around us but self care is important, too. Always remember that. I have started trying to be kinder to myself these days but it can be hard to remember.

Ace of Cups (Upright)- (Keywords- intuition, opportunity, positive relationships): Fridays are always great days to spend having a good time. Hopefully, you are dealing with the world’s new ways of doing things just fine. It’s good to see everyone using the opportunity to get the vaccine and go out into the world again (masked up, safely).

Please be safe this week. I love you kiddos.
-Ent Vyvyan Wormwood

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Temporary Hiatus Explanation

Greetings Tarot Tots.

It is my sad heart to explain my hiatus as of late. I have been having some serious health issues as of late and will be needing to continue my hiatus for at least another week until I after I will have a procedure done. I am unsure as of when the results of the procedure will allow me to know how much longer the hiatus will be so please keep your eyes peeled for updates.

I will try to at least keep doing some of my content as it tends to help distract me from the things that are affecting me negatively. My health is very poor so I am in a constant battle with this. Please bare with me while I try to get myself back on track.

Much love.

-Entie Vyvyan

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Weekday Forecast 3.1-3.5.2021

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot by Minerva Siegal and Abigail Larson

Greetings and salutations my little Tarot Tots! It’s another weekly forecast! I’m a little behind but I”m still here! Let’s go!

Queen of Candles (Upright. Keywords- independence, confidence, invigoration): Today is a day of living life to its fullest. There is something interesting about it being a Monday and being just so get up and go. There’s things to be done and you are going to get up and do them. Plan for the week to be a busy one and hopefully it won’t let you down.

4 of Potions (Reversal. Keywords- introspection, decisions, intuition): A lot of deep thoughts today. If it’s time to think you need, it’s time to think you will get. Today will be busy of course, but there will be some time in it for you to think things over. Are things not going the same with life that you want them to? You should check and recheck your priorities and see where they lie. Maybe someone who is in your life will start giving you hell as well. It’s time to consider the relationship with them to see if it really serves you.

7 The Chariot (Upright. Keywords- commitment, goals, determination): Today is the day that those goals you checked on yesterday need to start working. I feel that this morning will be the start of new things for you. You can change your life and what you have going on. It’s not hard. It just seems like it is because the things worth doing are always the hard ones. Take some time today to meditate and kind of go over your goals and commitments and see if they really do serve you.

7 of Candles (Reversal. Keywords- competition, self-confidence, capabilities): Actions speak louder than words, as always. It’s nice to see things are kind of starting to work out. You could do with some sort of competition in your life to keep you going. Now that competition is not something you need to have with someone else. Perhaps you want to give yourself something to keep you going? It’s going to be difficult but it’s nice to know that even now you can really set a good pace.

8 Strength (Upright. Keywords- bravery, courage, compassion, leadership): It takes a lot of gumption to get through this week. You’ll be happy to know that you are going to come out on top. It’s nice to see sometimes that you have the compassion to lead yourself into better pastures I suppose. As long as you know that the goals you started this week are the right ones, you should be fine. Let the stars tell you that your ideals are along the right side of the track.

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Weekend Forecast 2.26-2.28.21

Ethereal Visions Tarot Deck by Matt Hughes

Greetings to you, my Tarot Tots!

It’s nice to see you all again! This week kind of rolled in like a thunderstorm, didn’t it? I know we were having some issues this past week so let’s take a peek at what sort of thing the weekend has in store for us. This weekend we are using the Ethereal Visions Tarot deck by Matt Hughes. The artwork is very art nouveau with gold foil on it to give it a bit of a shimmer.

So let’s begin:

Page of Cups (reversal)
(keywords- immaturity, insecurity, apathy, impulsiveness): After this week of trying and the zany tribulations that you have gone through, you are beginning to see the issues that are the main problem you have been meaning to deal with. The people or person you are dealing with, or even your self, has been a bit immature this week, and you are out to set things right. Hopefully this weekend we will see a change of heart of the situation and things will get better.

BETWEEN FRIDAY AND SATURDAY: Tonight is the moon in Virgo, a great time for us all. Please be aware that this is a time of change, but is also a good time for things to be brought to light. A moon in Virgo is what is known as a Virgin Moon, and she wants us to “Let Shit Go” (see Cosmopolitan article there). There are better things for us to do during this moon, so check out the link and see if you have something you need to work on specifically.

VI Lovers (reversal)
(keywords- separation, imbalance, conflict, disconnection): This is one of the peaks of the week. As this card is a major arcana, one can assume that this has a much bigger part to play in the weeks events. You may be losing something important to you, but know that there are more things out there that you can look forward to. So many people are out there in this world, you cannot be pegged down by just something so utterly simple.

8 of Wands (upright)
(keywords- action, balance, change, productivity): At least Sunday seems like it will be a calm down for you. Things will be much simpler today then they have been for you. It’s something of a wonder to understand how you could have not blown some kind of gasket the past week. At least Sunday’s are easy and chill. You will have a good day today for sure, one that is productive and able to allow you to get the most work done.

Alrighty. That’s all I can see for you tonight. Please Enjoy this forecast, maybe tell me what you think about the Cosmo article I linked. I thought it was kind of cute.

-Entie Vyvyan

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Weekday Reading 2.22-2.26.2021

Greetings Tarot Tots!

It’s time for another Weekday Reading! I hope you are as excited as I am.

I decided to use The Romantic Tarot today. No real good reason. I just felt like it would be a fun thing to read with this week’s reading.

8 of Swords (Upright)-
(keyword- imprisonment): Monday is going to start up in a sort of melancholic kind of mood. You’re definitely not feeling your best. You feel like the walls are kind of closing in on you after a weekend of freedom from responsibility. Or at least that is what it feels like. Perhaps you are just suffering “a case of the Mondays” like some people say. This week is definitely not staring off great.

6 of Swords (Upright)
– (keyword- passage): There is a relationship in your life that isn’t doing well for you. It’s important for you to rid yourself of this relationship. It could be a passing thing or just something you don’t really consider much of one; they could even be someone that you just see on occasion and not often. It’s important to keep yourself sane by getting rid of relationships that don’t help you along. Time to break some ties.

Knave of Pentacles (Reversed)
– (keyword- courage): Today is important in that you have the potential to fill up this space that you had with that relationship that you got rid of yesterday. You have all the reason in the world to be a little nervous. But, today is going to be a good day if you so choose it. Get excited and get ready, it’s time to see what the world has in store for you.

9 The Hermit (Upright)
– (keyword- concentration): Well, it’s important to have time to yourself these days. So definitely don’t take this time for granted. You have been distracted and all shook up. It could be that you’re thinking of your old relationships. You need to go over the things you do have in your life and then hurry it up because although you have things you let go, there are new things that you are supposed to get INTO your life. Let’s see all that new potential coming in and greet it.

5 the Hierophant (Upright)
– (keyword- self-control): The Hierophant can mean that you are looking for more friendships in your life. Different ones perhaps, than the ones that you have in your life right now. You could be feeling pretty lonely, but you aren’t. There are people around you who care for you that you may be overlooking. Take some time to look at those people during this time. If you find yourself missing people, why not look online? Sometimes there are groups of people with interests that you have online that you could connect with. There are always different ways to connect with people these days.

Now, if you want to connect to ME, please feel free to find me in most social media under the name VyvyanWormwood.

I’ll be around.
-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Monday Motivation

Greetings Tarot Tots. Let’s chat!

Today’s Monday card from the Mystic Monday’s Deck by Grace Duong

Today was the day for Motivation! Monday Motivation that is. Today’s card is the Queen of Cups, a being of intuition, caring, and compassion. They are out to help you in whatever way they can, however they can. This may represent you, this may represent someone in your life. They will bring you what you need during this time of Mercury Retrograde. Understanding will do us all some good at this point in time.

In other news, I recently joined OBOD (The Oder of Bards, Ovates, and Druids)! I am happy to announce that I am now a Bard officially. If you know me personally, you know that this amuses the hell out of me. And I can’t really discuss my lessons and such but I can discuss other things like holidays and how they pertain to me, personally.

Recently, I celebrated Imbolc with my husband, Batsz. Batsz and I are enjoying waiting for Spring to come, but right now we are going through Second Winter. We live in Oklahoma so there are three Winters, in my mind. You have your regular Winter, which doesn’t always give you snow. Hell, none of them guarantee you any snow. This year we are on Second Winter and it has brought us over a foot of snow where we live. It’s white, beautiful bullshit, delivered from my matron goddess, Skadi.

Only recently have I started working with Skadi and she has shown me some of her ways. I have become more confident under her watchful eyes and now she is bringing me this snow to celebrate. I took it as a sign to work on my blog and tarot business today. Tomorrow, I will work on some other things related to this and hopefully I will become more successful.

I have made a few changes and hooked up with some other people online to bring you even more content, but we will see how far those things go.

Anyway, Entie Vyvyan Loves you.
-Vyvyan Wormwood, The Mind Behind the Darkest Designs and the Wormwood Oracle

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Weekly Reading of 2.14.2021

Greetings Tarot Tots!

Today is the start of something new. I have decided to do weekly tarot readings like I have been doing my Weekend Forecasts. I’m trying to change things up a little bit during the new year to see how well I like it. Let’s see how things play out. This will be the first of it.

Weekday Reading 2.15-2.19.2021

This reading was done with the Star Spinner Tarot by Trungles. It begins with Monday on the left through Friday on the right. Let’s begin.

The Fool (reversal
)- (keywords: risk, adventure, foolhardy)– Today is the start of the week and what better thing to have then the Fool? Yes, the fool also means the end of a journey, but I feel that this is going to be a great start to your new year. Did I mention the Lunar New Year was this past Friday? How fun! It’s definitely a good sign that you got this on this day. I feel like the new year is going to be good, we just have to work at it. Be prepared for anything, as always, but definitely enjoy the ride.

King of Chalices (reversal)
– (keywords: patience, compassion, sensitivity)– Today is a good day to take a break and review the things that have been going on in your life. Take some time to give yourself some good self-care. Take some time to go over your schedule and see about prioritizing the things that are absolutely necessary for your survival. After that, maybe do some exercising to help build up your stamina. This year is going to be long and you are going to be stronger. Why not start now?

9 of Chalices (reversal
)- (keywords: sacrifice, near-completion, satisfaction)– This reversal feels a bit like you need to find something to finish rather then to actually finish something. Or maybe you had something that was near completion last week that you need to finish now? Either way, you need to be finishing up last week’s projects and see if you can get them completed this week.

The Emperor (upright)-
(keywords: order, power, boundaries)- The Emperor is always a very masculine force in the tarot. He is in charge and so are you. See this as taking charge of your life and making sure things get done. Yesterday, we had the 9 of Chalices to see some things near completion. Are you still working on that? Maybe it’s time to get it done today. It’s not a bad thing if you didn’t get it done yesterday; but it’s better if you get it done early in the long run.

10 of Coins (reversal)
(keywords: abundance, security, stability)- So today you can celebrate your week’s achievements. It has been a hard week but you are showing your stability today. Perhaps this just means it’s your payday? Things are looking up. I know today is a reversal but I just don’t feel like it’s a reversal kind of day in my gut (and you know I always follow my gut). So just take some time for you and your loved ones today. They need you to rely on. Don’t go overboard. If there was something you have been saving up for, you should go ahead and do it now. I think it’s the right time!

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Weekend Forecast 1.29-1.31.2021

Greetings my little Tarot Tots!

Here we are with another fun weekend in the world of 2021. I hope you are having a good time. We shall see how this goes.

This week we’re using the Wild Unknown Tarot again. Good old standby.

Ten of Pentacles (Upright
)- (keywords- fulfilment, abundance): This is a card that talks about all the success you will/do have at the very moment. Life is going pretty decently and things are looking up. As someone who is in love with pop culture and the different variations of what people are looking at here and now, I would have to say that this “material” and “physical” gain card could do with some of the things we have going on in the world that want us to be earning a little bit of money. It’s pretty crazy how things are going to go this year. Let’s see what this weekend has in store.

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed
)- (keywords- destiny, change of course): This card is always a bit of a wild card. Things can change and sometimes things can get out of hand. It’s easy to find a purpose somewhere within this card so that’s an important thing to look for during this day. I’m hoping that with what’s happening in the world and whatever has happened today will help you figure out things you are missing.

2 of Wands (Upright)
(keywords- determination, direction): Today is another day with the card pointed in the direction you should be going. Are we lucky? Is this fate? I am not sure, but you should definitely know that there are opportunities knocking at the door and you might want to answer instead of hiding with your butt half out from under the coffee table. There is adventure and magic afoot and you need to be out there watching. When something happens to give you more to look for, try opening your eyes. The world isn’t all bad.

10 of Swords (Reversed)(keywords- ruin, rock bottom, melodrama): The fact that we are seeing this card in reverse is probably a good thing. It usually means some pretty negative things, but in reverse it can even be downright lucky. Things are coming to an end and you should look for silver linings.

It’s funny that there were two ten cards from two suits. Three if you include the Wheel of Fortune. I’m unsure about the connection with the numerology of the number ten but I can give some links to a few things I found while researching this post. Looks like this website said to look at it as a number one. You can find it here. Here is another site that looks interesting.

It looks like everything old is new again.

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend Forecast 1.8-1.10.2021

Greetings and Salutations My Tarot Tots, Nieces, and Nephews!

Weekend Forecast 1.8.21-1.20.21 via The Wild Unknown Tarot

Today is another day. The first week of the year is finally about over. Why not start the year off right with a little Weekend Forecast? Well how about we just meander on into this year than, shall we?

The Emperor IV (Reversal): (keywords: protection, stability, the father): This weekend we are dealing with a lot of “head” issues rather then “heart” issues. We need to evaluate the situations that we have going on and re-evaluate the structure in our lives. It might take a few times before we can kind of pick things apart. I like to think that this is important with setting goals for the new year. Do you have resolutions or goals that you are setting? I have a few resources that I can link you to to help you set and attain your own goals in an efficient manner. Here at lifehack, Here at Harvard, and Here at Daring to live fully.

FRIDAY 1.8.2021:
8 of Cups (Upright): (keywords: stagnation, ill health): This is where we get to the tricky part. Today we’re going to start to stick with those things. The problem is that we have been sticking with the unhealthy habits so long we don’t know exactly how to cope with the ick that we currently have. Shake things up by trying something new. It’s important to really get yourself motivated somehow. Maybe you start off enthused and just flop later on? It’s time to really do your best. This year is going to be your bitch (lol).

SATURDAY 1.9.2021:
Ace if Swords (Reversal): (keywords: truth, mental clarity): Today is a kind of day for a creative block. Did you decide on your resolutions already? Maybe today is a time to stop procrastination. Or maybe if you just feel like you can’t stop your procrastination you should just take some time to yourself today. Be like the Hermit; take some time to yourself and just recharge. It’s not a bad thing to do that sometimes.

SUNDAY 1.10.2021:
Justice VIII (Reversal): (keywords: decisions, karma): Sometimes this card comes up when there is legal trouble going on. Sometimes this card just comes up when there is some kind of stagnation in general. Once again we have a “head” card and not a “heart” card. It’s not a bad thing. It just means that we have work to do. I can’t quite say what we are working on this weekend; I could delve deeper if I wanted to but I’ve been pretty tired lately. Please forgive your Auntie from this.

Hope everyone get some good resolutions this year. Auntie’s goal is simply “Be Better.”
Aunt Vyvyan
The Wormwood Oracle and the Mind Behind the Darkest Designs

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Midnight Musing– Feeling Foolish

Good evening Tarot Tots.

Just thinking about things that have gone on in my life.

I once had a friend who was very protective of their craft; which is highly understandable. Sometimes we would swap notes on things and talk about all kinds of various topics. It was always a good time when we got together. We always had something new to talk about in our spiritual journeys.

I look back at this person and wonder if they were testing me. I’ve done a lot of research on my own lately and I have come across things that cause me to doubt some of the things that they would talk to me about. For example: I recently found out that the one sigil this person talked to me about as being a goddess sigil was actually a bind rune. When I look back at it, I kind of wonder if this was not on purpose to make me look like some kind of an ass.

I’ve seen that symbol around a lot lately and every time I see it I get so frustrated. I feel like someone is just out to make me look like some kind of idiot. I had no idea that was a bind rune or anything of the sort. Hell, I don’t even know right now if I actually know what I’m talking about. It’s hard to tell that sometimes.

Perhaps I am being too hard on this person. Perhaps not. Perhaps they really were trying to get me to prove them wrong so they would know that I was actually paying attention to the things that they were saying. Either way, the sigil is not even Greek (which they had claimed it was) and is actually some form of Scandinavian or Northern area runic symbol.

Has someone made you look like an ass to better themselves? To test you? Is this just me? Auntie is feeling rather foolish.

Love you kiddos.

-Aunt Vyvyan