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In The Beginning

Hi there nibblings. I hope we’re doing well today.

I wanted to kind of talk about something that has been on my mind a little bit lately. That thing being my beginnings in both the Craft and of Tarot and Divination work. When I was about ten years old, my parents took my brother and myself to an out of doors swap meet. It was summer time and it was very hot. There were tents and tables and things set out in the noon-day sun.

We came up to a table and I could just tell from how I felt that this was a table I wanted to look around a bit more and explore. I remember there being lots of tiny knick-knacks set up all over the table and a few shelves that had been stood up as well along the wall of a van that the stuff had come out of.

I made my way to the back of one of the tables off to the opposite side of where my brother was going. It was fun to shop with my brother, but he never wanted to look at the things that I wanted to do look at. Of course, we had some similarities but that was another story for another time.

I saw the strangest thing. It looked like a pack of cards of some sort. Mind you I didn’t have much information on this particular pack of cards. I thought perhaps that they were cards for magic tricks. Little did I know what this pack of whimsically painted cards held for me. My mother noticed me handling it an offered to buy it for me as a birthday gift. I was ten, why not get me something interesting?

My mother explained to me that these were tarot cards. She told me that they were something not everyone was into. And those who were into them often hid the fact where we lived, in the super fun toothbrush of North America, also known as Oklahoma. She told me that there was what was called a Bible Belt and that we were the shiny belt buckle of the Bible Belt.

I promised her I would be careful and we purchased the cards and that was one of the highlights of the day.

When we got home, I opened the pack of cards up and looked through all the art work on them. This is what I wanted to do. I loved it already. I knew. I knew right away. I swore that this would be the one thing I would do for the rest of my life.

The deck was called the Tarot of the Spirit. You can find more information on it at this link here. The deck was created in 1992 by Joyce Eakins. It was purely magical. I connected with the elements of the cards and the feel.

Many years later, on my senior trip to Six Flags Over Texas, I had my cards with me in my backpack. I hadn’t really thought much about what was happening or going on that day. We went through a water roller coaster and my cards ended up getting soaking wet and ruined. This was a might blow. By this time, I had bought other decks… But I still loved this one. I went to the internet and bought the cards from US Games (I think they were selling on eBay at the time or something, that part was a little bit vague) and replaced my beloved deck.

During that time period, it was told to us that we had to have our first deck given to us. And my mother had given me my first tarot deck. This does not mean that this has aged well. It has come to many people’s attention that you can choose a deck for yourself for your first one. The only reason I would suggest to wait is if you’re truly a sentimental type like I am (Cancer in so many signs!).

But yeah, I have had two incarnations of the deck, my original water-ruined one (which I believe may even still be around here somewhere, I am not one hundred percent sure) and the one that I use now for most every reading I do.

Bless you US Games for what you have given to me. Bless you for changing my life. Who knew that swap meets were something so life-altering?

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend Forecast 10.2-10.4.2020

Weekend Reading Theme and Days

Greetings my little Tarot Tots!

It’s good to see you again. Recently, I have been catching up with old friends. It’s actually been kind of nice with what has been going on in the world. There are so many things to keep up with between friends, but you kind of lose track of people sometimes. I’m also in the process of coloring my hair! This way I can have actual green hair. I’m doing it in an ombre where it’s black on top and green at the bottom. It’s a fun combination and I don’t have to wear my green wig to keep up with all of you!

This weekend is going to be fun, it’s the first weekend of Halloween. It’s spooky month of course! I’m going to see if I cna come up with something special this month instead of just my usual weekend forecasts. I know they are fun but I would love to kind of talk with you guys some more.

Anyway, let’s get into the reading for this weekend shall well? I am using the Vintage Wisdom Oracle for the theme card this weekend and I am using the Star Spinner Tarot for the days this weekend. I hope you enjoy.

Let’s do this thing!

(keywords: insight, new, beginning, intuition, rebirth): This weekend is a weekend of magic. The full moon being on the first of this month and a blue moon later in the month on halloween. It’s going to be fun. There are things you will have to do of course this weekend. We’re going to see further what is going to happen, as usual. You might experience a sort of rebirth of sorts in our mannerisms. You will find something in yourself this weekend that needs changing. One again I will refer you to doing some shadow work for yourself, or check out some different options on how to help change the things you can in yourself for the better.

FRIDAY 10.2.2020:
9 of Chalices (Upright)
(Keywords- contentment, fulfillment, wish, enjoyment, pleasure): Today is the day of changes beginning. You may note something about how you act emotionally, or maybe respond emotionally. It’s something you usually dance around, but this is life. Pay attention to this thing, as it will affect your relationships in some way. Be it negative or positive is up to you.

SATURDAY 10.3.2020:
King of Chalices (Upright)
— (Keywords- kindly mature person, mastery of love, wisdom, support): I see this as a relationship of some type going on today. Honestly this seems like a fraternal kind of person or masculine presenting. Do you have someone in your life who presents masculine and gives you really great advice? Listen to them~! Meditate on the life lessons that they have to teach you. Maybe reach out if you don’t have one. Hell, even a female presenting person who has something to teach you as well. It’s not really something that’s confined by gender, just something that one would normally see from the stereotype of a masculine presenting humanoid.

SUNDAY 10.4.2020:
Page of Swords (Upright)
— (Keywords- intelligent young person, important message, detachment, cunning): Today you’re going to learn something from a different person, or maybe the kid of the person from the day before? There are so many variables here. I see this card as something you should learn from our inner child. Look deep inside and maybe do something you used to find joy in that you may not remember feeling joy in. Life is too short to get burned out. You need to have fun. Perhaps a coloring page would be good? Personally I love to color and draw. It’s not something that takes a lot of time if you don’t want it to, it is relaxing, and it helps get the creative juices flowing. Sundays are a really great day for that sort of thing. You can find some really neat little printable coloring pages at (I have no affiliation with this site, I just thought the pictures were neat and you guys would like them! Who doesn’t love nifty magical creature pictures?)

I would love to see what kind of things you come up with or ideas that you think will help others. Leave me a comment and we can have a conversation about it! What gets your inner child going?

There’s going to be more to do this weekend to get you started on your journey. I think I may compile some information on going through a year of shadow work after this month is over, as Halloween/Samhain is considered a sort of new year for witches. What do you think? I can add that to my weekly information? I’m not sure. I’ve been mulling things over. Get out there and do some fun stuff. Don’t let yourself get burn out. It’s hard to do, but perhaps you should take a break?

Much love from Auntie,
-Vyvyan Wormwood

The Wormwood Oracle

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Weekend Thoughts

Weekend Thoughts:

This week I have started reading “The Book of Thoth (Egyptian Tarot)” by Aleister Crowley (The Master Therion). It’s an interesting read so far. I have been watching a few videos that I have found online as well.

So, the book has been a bit confusing. There are terms in it that I am not quite familiar with, as they talk a bit about the Qabalistic business in it, which I honestly have never studied. Is this something that you guys know a bit about? If you do, send a comment or contact me with some information. I’m looking things up, but that doesn’t mean I know what exactly what I’m looking for, if I’m even looking for something in particular.

The book also talks about numerology. This I know a little bit about. It’s pretty simple to figure out. I’ll drop a good link for you that I like to refer to:

This is a really well made page that you can check out when you want to. I’ve learned quite a bit from it.

I’m also reading “Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot: An authorative examination of the world’s most fascinating and magical tarot cards” by Lon Milo DuQuette. This book seems to be a bit of an easier read from what I’ve gotten out of it so far. It’s been less… I’m not sure how to put it (?)… Intense, I suppose. Crowley is a very intense read. I really recommend this book to read though.

My thoughts for the weekend are this: Have you worked with the Thoth Tarot? How was your experience? Do you think you would work with it again, if you’ve worked with it before? And lastly, Do you think that tarot is it’s own person that you can communicate with?

I feel like all of my cards (and literally all of the things on Earth, man-made or no) have some form of spirit (artificial or not) that we can interact with. Do you dispute my view? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know. I’m very open minded and enjoy others views.

Darkest Blessings

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend Thoughts- Colour

Weekend Thoughts

Hi there everyone!

Colour means so much to us. Even those of us who wear mostly black (don’t judge me), we all have our different meanings from colours. There are even different shades of black (which makes it difficult to actually match black with black).

But I digress. This is about colour and colour in the tarot and our various other endeavors. Mostly my thoughts on this though. I’m not a professional with colour. I go by what I have learned over the years.

Let’s start in rainbow order; R.O.Y. G. B.I.V. (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet)

Red is the first colour we come across when we are going through a spectrum. Well, the first VISIBLE colour we see. It is a primary and very much basic colour. The easiest to work with. You will find that most of your basic instincts and primitive mind and material things tend to come from this colour. Your needs like finding shelter, food, and occasionally sex (reproduction really) are things that red is in charge of. In the chakra chart, you will find red to be your base chakra. It is located in your genital region and can sometimes seem to grow roots towards the Earth. This is not always stagnation, but it can get that way if not messed with frequently. Red is our passion, our livelihood, and life. It is the beginning and also an end of sorts.

Orange is the second colour on the spectrum. I always have difficult with this colour because it tends to be a strange mixture of red and yellow (as green is yellow and blue, and so on). Colours like this are more like hybrid colours. Orange is a colour of contentment. It is peaceful, but at the same time tumultuous because of it’s hint of red. There are passions here, but these are typicall things that are not as easy to get (you could say this colour is “hard to pin down” or “hard to handle”). There is some joy in this. The red in this colour gives you creativity. It hooks into your mind and allows you to feel the passion and harness it for whatever your purpose is!

Yellow is the third colour on the spectrum. This one is easy. Happiness and delight. Pleasures will come to you with yellow in your life. It is a colour of triumph and no longer being held back. The two colours before it have gotten you to this colour. You can feel it after you have achieved your primary concerns (red) and when you have harnessed your creativity (orange). It is pure. The only unfortunate part is that it is very bright (I’m a goth. I don’t say “darkest blessings” for nothing. Yellow is not my colour. lol, Even if I have it in my life).

Green is the fourth colour on the spectrum. Lots of people assume that green is a healing colour. And in it’s own way, it is. It also brings material wealth to you. Green is the colour of money after all (although not in every country, of course). You can spread positive wealth energy by decorating in green. You can even spread positive weather (or negative, if you’re just that way. lol) with this colour. Imagine the wind with a green hue and you can feel the wonderful breeze on your face (YMMV).

Blue is the fifth colour on the spectrum. This colour is very misunderstood. It has been noted to be a colour of sadness and the feeling of “being blue.” I feel that this colour is related to pain and healing. One cannot progress further unless one has healed a bit (“physician, heal thyself” from Luke 4:23. I don’t read the bible or anything, but I can appreciate a good quote. I am very much a person of a variety of interests). Blue is linked to your throat chakra so it is very much a mouthpiece. With a lot of blue, one can become overly chatty (I have a very blue aura so I talk/rant a lot. Trust me) or just an over sharer (again, me). Blue is how we create our worlds with our words and encourage others.

Indigo is the next colour, the sixth even. You could refer to it as your “sixth sense,” as it is a psychic colour. This is a very powerful and potent colour to work with. When you embrace this colour you embrace a world that was probably unknown to you before. Some people have always been open to this world. These people are usually called Indigo Children. There are many of these nowadays. You can kind of tell. They are different, they work off of their feelings and their empathy. This is an entirely different story anyway. Perhaps I’ll write more on it at some point. If you surround yourself in indigo, you will improve the way you are able to see or feel psychically. This colour can command the other colours below it. It is that potent.

Violet is the final colour of the seven shades of the rainbow spectrum. This is your spiritual purpose. You will find what you need within this colour. Your faith, your being… Everything. Even if you lack faith of some kind, that is a form of faith. It is impossible to not have some form of faith. Even Nihilists, who have believe that nothing will ever happen and everything is pointless have faith in something (faith in nothing).

Then we have our three value colours: White, Grey, and Black.

Black is a grounding colour. It is there to dispel any form of negativity. It is seen as a negative thing by many people, but I believe it is misunderstood. We just need to learn how to utilize this colour. Use this colour to empower yourself and protect.

White is your all-purpose colour. You can use it for pretty much anything. Most tealights come in white, so it is good to get those if you work with candle magic. Quartz, which is clear, has smattering of white where it has cracked or formed, and it is seen as a very valuable resource. White is kind and giving. With white, you know you are doing the right thing.

Grey is your final colour. It is a mixture of both black and white. It shows that you have experience in both and can work with either colour equally. It is a balance. This colour can be used when working pathways, though it can be difficult to acquire candles in this colour (difficult but not impossible). Grey is an amazing colour to work with. It is a colour of nature (not to be confused by green, of course. They have very similar ways of working together). Let this force help you every day. It is not negative.

That’s what I’ve got for now!

Darkest Blessings,
-Vyvyan Wormwood


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