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In The Beginning

Hi there nibblings. I hope we’re doing well today.

I wanted to kind of talk about something that has been on my mind a little bit lately. That thing being my beginnings in both the Craft and of Tarot and Divination work. When I was about ten years old, my parents took my brother and myself to an out of doors swap meet. It was summer time and it was very hot. There were tents and tables and things set out in the noon-day sun.

We came up to a table and I could just tell from how I felt that this was a table I wanted to look around a bit more and explore. I remember there being lots of tiny knick-knacks set up all over the table and a few shelves that had been stood up as well along the wall of a van that the stuff had come out of.

I made my way to the back of one of the tables off to the opposite side of where my brother was going. It was fun to shop with my brother, but he never wanted to look at the things that I wanted to do look at. Of course, we had some similarities but that was another story for another time.

I saw the strangest thing. It looked like a pack of cards of some sort. Mind you I didn’t have much information on this particular pack of cards. I thought perhaps that they were cards for magic tricks. Little did I know what this pack of whimsically painted cards held for me. My mother noticed me handling it an offered to buy it for me as a birthday gift. I was ten, why not get me something interesting?

My mother explained to me that these were tarot cards. She told me that they were something not everyone was into. And those who were into them often hid the fact where we lived, in the super fun toothbrush of North America, also known as Oklahoma. She told me that there was what was called a Bible Belt and that we were the shiny belt buckle of the Bible Belt.

I promised her I would be careful and we purchased the cards and that was one of the highlights of the day.

When we got home, I opened the pack of cards up and looked through all the art work on them. This is what I wanted to do. I loved it already. I knew. I knew right away. I swore that this would be the one thing I would do for the rest of my life.

The deck was called the Tarot of the Spirit. You can find more information on it at this link here. The deck was created in 1992 by Joyce Eakins. It was purely magical. I connected with the elements of the cards and the feel.

Many years later, on my senior trip to Six Flags Over Texas, I had my cards with me in my backpack. I hadn’t really thought much about what was happening or going on that day. We went through a water roller coaster and my cards ended up getting soaking wet and ruined. This was a might blow. By this time, I had bought other decks… But I still loved this one. I went to the internet and bought the cards from US Games (I think they were selling on eBay at the time or something, that part was a little bit vague) and replaced my beloved deck.

During that time period, it was told to us that we had to have our first deck given to us. And my mother had given me my first tarot deck. This does not mean that this has aged well. It has come to many people’s attention that you can choose a deck for yourself for your first one. The only reason I would suggest to wait is if you’re truly a sentimental type like I am (Cancer in so many signs!).

But yeah, I have had two incarnations of the deck, my original water-ruined one (which I believe may even still be around here somewhere, I am not one hundred percent sure) and the one that I use now for most every reading I do.

Bless you US Games for what you have given to me. Bless you for changing my life. Who knew that swap meets were something so life-altering?

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Tarot Tuesday: 10.9.2018

Hello my little Tarot Tots!

Today I drew a card for Tarot Tuesday. I honestly don’t have too much to say about it. Something I did want to note that I am digging the Robert M. Place Vampire Tarot. I know that the artwork is based on various mythology and stories of vampires from tv, books, movies, and such.

Tarot Tuesday 10.9.2018

As you can see, my cats butts were in the view of the camera as well. Well, two of them. I have many, many cats. They’re my babies. These two are Boingo (who we’ve seen in another post so far) and Butter Scotch. Scotch is a little kitten and she loves to follow people around.

Anyway, on to the tarot.

This card is the 3 of Garlic Flowers, which is this deck’s version of pentacles/coins/earth/etc. I drew it upright, but I’ve been thinking about my thoughts on reading reversals lately. More on that on a Monday Musings post probably. This card is about creativity and artistic pursuit. It’s good to have a hobby to explore. Perhaps that is what you should focus on this week. There’s a lot of time in the world to do this sort of thing. Although in time it all seems like it is so short. So get out and do the thing!

Let’s do the damn thing!
-Vyvyvan Wormwood
The Wormwood Oracle and the Mind Behind the Darkest Designs

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Tarot Tuesday: Duet 10-2-2018

Greetings my little Tarot Tots.

It’s Tarot Tuesday, the day where I do a special reading for you. Today is the second and I see romantic happenings in pairs. I can’t wait to show you the reading I got today. I bet you’re as excited as I am!


In the first position (on the left side) is:
7 of Swords: [Vienna] This is called the “Courtesan” card in this deck and she is all about deception. Lies and such are in the past. She is clouding your better judgement and tainting your current views. If you can look past this card and into the future, I see much better things will happen for you. It’s like the saying goes, “It gets better.”

The second card (bottom):
3 of Swords: [Vienna] This card is called “The Fixed Duel” and it is all about betrayal and pain. It looks like you were hurt in the past. Burned even. And you need to learn to try to work through the pain to see what things lie in your current partner. Have they done something to abuse you? This is a tough time. You are going to have to find a way to work with your partner or even leave. If they are a prospective lover, perhaps you should look away. Someone in your past is treating you poorly and you’re going to have to somehow work through it though.

The third card (on the right):
IX The Hermit (Reversed): [World Travels] This card is “The Loner.” It has to do with a lack of concentration in this part. The person who will help you through your tough time is going to be someone with an inability to focus. They will see something that you don’t. Put your trust in this person. They know what they are talking about.

The fourth and final card (top):
10 of Chalices (Reversed): [Venice] This card is about “Serenity” and happiness. Unfortunately, you need to realize that not all situations are the most “serene.”  In fact, the person you are with right now may in fact cause you a lot of chaos. This could even just be represented as just plain spontaneity. Spontaneity can be a good thing!!! You will never get bored this way. Try to trust the Hermit in the third card and move with it to this card. You never know, you might like this.


And that’s the Tarot for Tarot Tuesday!!!

Much love,
Vyvyan Wormwood
-The Wormwood Oracle and the Mind Behind the Darkest Designs