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In The Beginning

Hi there nibblings. I hope we’re doing well today.

I wanted to kind of talk about something that has been on my mind a little bit lately. That thing being my beginnings in both the Craft and of Tarot and Divination work. When I was about ten years old, my parents took my brother and myself to an out of doors swap meet. It was summer time and it was very hot. There were tents and tables and things set out in the noon-day sun.

We came up to a table and I could just tell from how I felt that this was a table I wanted to look around a bit more and explore. I remember there being lots of tiny knick-knacks set up all over the table and a few shelves that had been stood up as well along the wall of a van that the stuff had come out of.

I made my way to the back of one of the tables off to the opposite side of where my brother was going. It was fun to shop with my brother, but he never wanted to look at the things that I wanted to do look at. Of course, we had some similarities but that was another story for another time.

I saw the strangest thing. It looked like a pack of cards of some sort. Mind you I didn’t have much information on this particular pack of cards. I thought perhaps that they were cards for magic tricks. Little did I know what this pack of whimsically painted cards held for me. My mother noticed me handling it an offered to buy it for me as a birthday gift. I was ten, why not get me something interesting?

My mother explained to me that these were tarot cards. She told me that they were something not everyone was into. And those who were into them often hid the fact where we lived, in the super fun toothbrush of North America, also known as Oklahoma. She told me that there was what was called a Bible Belt and that we were the shiny belt buckle of the Bible Belt.

I promised her I would be careful and we purchased the cards and that was one of the highlights of the day.

When we got home, I opened the pack of cards up and looked through all the art work on them. This is what I wanted to do. I loved it already. I knew. I knew right away. I swore that this would be the one thing I would do for the rest of my life.

The deck was called the Tarot of the Spirit. You can find more information on it at this link here. The deck was created in 1992 by Joyce Eakins. It was purely magical. I connected with the elements of the cards and the feel.

Many years later, on my senior trip to Six Flags Over Texas, I had my cards with me in my backpack. I hadn’t really thought much about what was happening or going on that day. We went through a water roller coaster and my cards ended up getting soaking wet and ruined. This was a might blow. By this time, I had bought other decks… But I still loved this one. I went to the internet and bought the cards from US Games (I think they were selling on eBay at the time or something, that part was a little bit vague) and replaced my beloved deck.

During that time period, it was told to us that we had to have our first deck given to us. And my mother had given me my first tarot deck. This does not mean that this has aged well. It has come to many people’s attention that you can choose a deck for yourself for your first one. The only reason I would suggest to wait is if you’re truly a sentimental type like I am (Cancer in so many signs!).

But yeah, I have had two incarnations of the deck, my original water-ruined one (which I believe may even still be around here somewhere, I am not one hundred percent sure) and the one that I use now for most every reading I do.

Bless you US Games for what you have given to me. Bless you for changing my life. Who knew that swap meets were something so life-altering?

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Reading For Oneself

Hey there everyone. Hope you are doing okay.

I see a lot of content on the web about different types of reading, different styles of reading, and the like. How you obtain your deck, how you use your deck, how to maintain your tarot cards. I want to talk about How to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself. It’s important to learn about how to read your tarot cards. Reading tarot cards is a skill that I have used a vast portion of my life.

This was a reading for myself many years ago…

Today, I kind of want to talk about the use of the deck, since we have gone over the whole thing about shuffling a while back. You see, there are some people who say that you can not read the tarot for yourself. I like to believe that you can read for whomever you wish, just make sure you keep your practices ethical. Ethical practices are a key to any good thing.

Now, when you read for yourself you will need to know what deck you are using. Do not repeat the same questions over and over during the same sitting. I believe in the ideal that each deck has a spirit, and therefore I treat them kindly. You wouldn’t ask someone a question over and over until you got blue in the face, would you? That is part of the idea that the reading should be ethical. Treat your deck as you would any other living being.

Treating your deck as another living being, ask questions that it might see of you from the outside looking in, but know that the cards are also a sort of vehicle for your intuition. How you use your intuition is important here. You can flex your intuition by using your cards often; make friends with your cards.

It is good practice to read with your decks often. Many people say that you should read with your tarot deck daily, and I find this to be quite true. You have to be able to know what you are reading with confidence. When you are just starting out, you can use various books. Even when you have been reading the cards for a lengthy period of time, some people still use books and things as references. Other people sometimes have ideas about the tarot that you may not yourself have.

This doesn’t mean that you should talk about your readings to just anyone. Personally, I believe the ethical thing to do is to never divulge what you are reading and such to other people in a way that does not maintain the confidentiality of whomever you are reading or, yourself included. Obviously if it is yourself, you can read for yourself and tell other people your findings because you have your own consent. If you are reading for another person, do NOT go around telling everyone else that person’s business. The only way you can get away with something like that without consent is to not use any names and be super vague about it. Even then, it is still not considered a practice that is smiled upon.

Everyone has the ability to read the cards. I believe this to the very fiber of my being, and I want to pass that ability around to others before I pass away myself.

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend Forecast 8.21-8.23.2020

Greetings Tarot Tots!!! It’s me, your favorite gothic auntie, Vyv!!

It’s the weekend again and I’m feeling very mushroomy with my fabric background today! The theme card of the week is looking a bit ominous but I think we can probably make it a good weekend nonetheless. We are using The Otherkin Tarot by Siolo Thompson once again if you are curious about the deck I am using today (and I’ve used it a few other times and will probably use it more). Let’s get to reading!

Theme Card:
Two of Swords (Upright)-
(keywords- willful blindness, indecision, denial, self-deception, stalemate, avoidance): So the theme for this week is an inability to see the issues that you have around you or maybe even within you. In the long run, the ability to avoid things like you are currently doing is going to be counterproductive, so this weekend may be some time to work on some shadow work. We’re in the process of waxing back to the full moon so it’s good to work on things that will end up positive in the long run, which could be shadow work. The ultimate goal of shadow work is to better oneself after all.

FRIDAY 8.21.2020:
Eight of Cups (Upright
)- (keywords- moving on, travel, new ideas, severing ties, change, leaving, adventure): This selkie is a representation that even though you are leaving your comfort zone, you are not alone. You are not happy in your current situation and you are looking for a new change. It’s not hard to see where you are needing to be at this point, you just haven’t moved on. It could take more than just this weekend to really move beyond this, but this is the beginning of a new start.

SATURDAY 8.22.2020:
Queen of Swords (Reverse)
(keywords- fairness, good judgement, intelligence, independence, insight, reliability): to quote the book itself “your happiness is your responsibility– never give that power away.” It is important to realize that at this point in time you are the one who has your best interests at heart. You a strong independent person who don’t need nobody else! It’s time to straighten up your spine and look at the situation. There are things you can do to make yourself happier; like a new or old hobby or something like that. Maybe read a positive book or blog. Watch a fun video on something completely silly. Try one of those “Try not to react” videos on TikTok. Who knows? You do! YOU are in control of your happiness. Don’t let yourself or others rain on your parade! My goal for you this Saturday is to write something positive about your life that you take for granted, your home, a meal, etc. Just write down something. Write something you are good at! You are good at something!! Everyone is! You just need to apply yourself.

SUNDAY 8.23.2020:
The Empress (Reverse)
(keywords- matriarchy, power, strength, fertility, creativity, passion, abundance, children, motherhood, prosperity): There is more to your inner child this weekend than there is to your motherly senses. Your inner child craves attention or perhaps someone else’s inner child is demanding your attention. It’s hard to really see which of this there is to see. For one thing, you are losing your ability to lead in a way that is empathetic. You are being cold and callous and you need to learn how to focus your energy to work properly with the upcoming week. The point of the Sunday card is for you to get energy for what your next week will be looking like. To me, it look like we need to step into the boss position and rock our jobs, lives, etc.. You can do a lot, but after this weekend you are very drained. Take today to give yourself a little self-care or self-love. It’s sad how much self-care is shown in a light that is almost anti-motherly, things like a nice cup of coffee or tea in the morning is neglected by those in a motherly position just because they have no time. Please try to fit some time in, even if you have to keep warming your cup up in the microwave today. 😉

It’s going to be a crazy weekend and the next week is going to be nuts as always guys. Let’s all work together to become better and do our best.

-Aunt Vyvyan Wormwood

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Tarot Tuesday: Duet 10-2-2018

Greetings my little Tarot Tots.

It’s Tarot Tuesday, the day where I do a special reading for you. Today is the second and I see romantic happenings in pairs. I can’t wait to show you the reading I got today. I bet you’re as excited as I am!


In the first position (on the left side) is:
7 of Swords: [Vienna] This is called the “Courtesan” card in this deck and she is all about deception. Lies and such are in the past. She is clouding your better judgement and tainting your current views. If you can look past this card and into the future, I see much better things will happen for you. It’s like the saying goes, “It gets better.”

The second card (bottom):
3 of Swords: [Vienna] This card is called “The Fixed Duel” and it is all about betrayal and pain. It looks like you were hurt in the past. Burned even. And you need to learn to try to work through the pain to see what things lie in your current partner. Have they done something to abuse you? This is a tough time. You are going to have to find a way to work with your partner or even leave. If they are a prospective lover, perhaps you should look away. Someone in your past is treating you poorly and you’re going to have to somehow work through it though.

The third card (on the right):
IX The Hermit (Reversed): [World Travels] This card is “The Loner.” It has to do with a lack of concentration in this part. The person who will help you through your tough time is going to be someone with an inability to focus. They will see something that you don’t. Put your trust in this person. They know what they are talking about.

The fourth and final card (top):
10 of Chalices (Reversed): [Venice] This card is about “Serenity” and happiness. Unfortunately, you need to realize that not all situations are the most “serene.”  In fact, the person you are with right now may in fact cause you a lot of chaos. This could even just be represented as just plain spontaneity. Spontaneity can be a good thing!!! You will never get bored this way. Try to trust the Hermit in the third card and move with it to this card. You never know, you might like this.


And that’s the Tarot for Tarot Tuesday!!!

Much love,
Vyvyan Wormwood
-The Wormwood Oracle and the Mind Behind the Darkest Designs

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Weekend Forecast April 28-30th

Greetings and Salutations my little Tarot Tots!

It’s that time again! Weekend Forecast time. Don’t you love that I post this on Thursday so you’ll be prepared for the weekend? I’m really happy about that.

I’m using the Gilded Tarot again this weekend. I really love the artwork. I don’t know how many times I have said that already.

It looks like this weekend is going to be interesting. Let me get down to business.


Here we go:


Friday April 28th, 2017:

Ten of Wands: Today is about determination. Don’t take on too many projects basically. This poor card shows a man who is just absolutely drowning in his responsibilities; don’t let that be you! If you do decide to take on a new project, just know that it is (as previously mentioned many, many times) Mercury Retrograde and anything that can go wrong probably will. I’m not really up on my astrology as some of the other blogs that I visit, but I know that this one is true. I get enough trouble from it, myself.

Saturday April 29th, 2017:

Ace of Swords (reversed): Normally this card is all about victory and whatnot. Not true this time. I suppose that’s because of the business that’s going on. But honestly this does not bode good for any of us. It looks like the projects we are working on are going to have a flop of some sort. It’s definitely not a good time to start something I suppose.

Sunday April 30th, 2017:

Justice: Oh man. So this one is really … Well, I’m unsure about how this one is going to work in this reading. Mostly because it involved legal action of some kind. Perhaps though it refers to an argument of some kind. To be honest it’s a card of balance, and whatever is “fair” is what is going to happen. Please be prepared for the worst thing to happen and be (happily) surprised if something good happens. Just don’t stress about it too much. It’s not like the card was reversed. 😉


Looks like it’s a good time to stay indoors and work on some personal projects. Not too much to stress about when you are doing that. It’s likely something will come your way, even if you stay to yourself, so just stay determined and hope things turn out the way you want it to, or at least fairly.


Be well, Friends.

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend April 14th- April 16th 2017

Greetings and Salutations my little Tarot Tots!

WARNING: Mercury Retrograde, Venus Retrograde, Jupiter Retrograde, Saturn Retrograde

It’s time for another tarot weekend forecast! I’m excited because I’m using my newest deck that I got, the Gilded Tarot. It came in a set called Easy Tarot with a book and a mat you can use to practice a particular spread. Since I just kind of wing my spreads anyway the mat doesn’t really matter too much to me but it makes a cool poster! If you are looking to get an easy deck to learn I really think that this is a good deck for you to check out. This tarot set is released by Llewellyn. I’ll try to do a post about it another time so you can see what I think of it more in depth.

So in other important news, we are under a couple of Retrogrades. It looks like Mercury is retrograde (oh joy), and Venus is just finishing up being retrograde. Also it appears that Jupiter and Saturn are both retrograde as well. If you’re into astrology there are some really cool sites that you can go to that you can learn more about this stuff. My favorite weekly resources are Grand Trines and Cafe Astrology, as they both talk about things in detail.

You can find them at these links:
Cafe Astrology’s This Week Peek
Grand Trines and Their Resources

Okay, now that I have babbled on for a little bit I think we should get down to business, shall we?

Friday- 4-14-2017:
Knight of Cups (Reversed): Thankfully this card means something good, even when it is reversed. You will have a ton of offers this weekend, possibly by a gentleman or lady with a water element as their sign or element. This person will show you how to have a good time and you’ll definitely be enjoying yourself. Thank goodness for this because mercury retrograde is often a time of the complete opposite.

Saturday- 4-15-2017:
II The High Priestess (Reversed): It seems like whomever you were visited by yesterday is here to offer you something else. Perhaps something secret or a bit of gossip. They will probably be very feminine in nature so be alert to this trait. I think they will still be the person who has a water sign, but you can expect anything during a time of retrograde. Everything is going bonkers. Follow your gut and you’ll be glad you did.

Sunday- 4-16-2017:
Three of Cups (Reversed): This card does NOT mean good things are going to happen. Be prepared for the worst, honestly. This is one of those days that mercury retrograde is going to rear it’s head at you (all of us, honestly). Please be careful in what you do. If you can be tactful, you can work out the situation on your own after today but today will be awfully heated. Just be careful.

So basically the summary of today is: Be wary for one or more people who are going to offer you something good. Be careful that your Sunday is not overrun with complete chaos. I can’t say that you will feel very productive this weekend or anything, but you never know. Like I said, be careful.

Wishing you lots of love,

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend Forecast 4-7 to 4-9

Hello there my little Tarot Tots!

So we’re coming up on the weekend again. Pretty exciting stuff, eh? This weekend I decided to use the Romantic Tarot to read with. I really like the Victorian inspired artwork that is on this deck. The cool thing about it is that we can see things in relationships this weekend.

I had a friend randomly pick the deck that I was using this week and this is the one that she picked. I’m happy that it was this and I thought it was funny because she’s very into Victorian living and the aesthetic. I hope you like it, too.

URGENT: I wanted to let you all know that Mercury Retrograde is coming up, so please be aware of that. It begins on April 9th and ends on May 3rd. Mercury Retrograde is a time where Murphy’s Law is pretty much the only law. Chaos ensues. Please be cautious, my little Tarot Tots.

Let’s begin:

Friday 4-7-2017:
X The Wheel of Fortune: Today is a day of change; the wheel will tell you this. It’s time to do something different than usual today. Maybe you want to do something different with your romantic partner or a friend or really anyone. Even if you just do something by yourself, do something different. You need this positive change in your life. The keyword to this card is “Change.”

Saturday 4-8-2017:
VII The Chariot (Reversed): So this is interesting. Normally the Chariot card shows a person that they need to really keep on keeping on, but this one is another card in a position of change. It’s funny because we have had two Major Arcana cards so far. I think this means that what you are going to be doing with your time is very important and that you should put some thought into what you are doing. Please be careful, but know you are doing the right thing. The keyword to this card is “Conviction.”

Sunday 4-9-2017:
VI The Lovers: How strange. Another Major Arcana. That must mean that this weekend is going to be super important. Fear not this weekend but be prepared for all of the things that will be happening today. This day will challenge you. Be passionate about what you do to prove that you can do it properly and with conviction (as the Chariot said before us and the Wheel before that). Please be aware that you are wonderful and your chose partner, occupation, or just self, all of these things, need to change in some way somehow. Maybe you need a more positive outlook at work? Maybe you need a fresh new date spot for you and your partner to go to? Maybe you need to do something to cheer yourself up. I suggest reading a good book! That always makes me pretty happy. Just know that this day is for change as well.

Okay then. So it looks like this weekend is going to be quite pivotal in your life. Major Arcana for everyone. I’m the Oprah of Major Arcana today. Just be careful about Mercury Retrograde. I cannot stress enough about how much trouble that this can cause.

Lots of love my little Tarot Tots! Enjoy your weekend.

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend Forecast 3-31-2017 to 4-2-2017

Greetings and Salutations my friends!

It’s time for another weekend forecast. This time I noticed that my cards all show very old characters in this deck. The deck I am using is called the Cat Tarot. I use it relatively often. I like to change things up as I feel they are needed. But today I felt like I needed to use this deck and it’s peculiar because I see that there are numbers and connections all throughout this weekend’s forecast. So I will do some summarizing at the end of this reading to help translate. Let’s get started:

Friday 3-31-2017
2 of Chalices (Laurel and Hardy): Time to do some traveling! You need to express your freedoms and look around. Do your own thing and be your own person. You can be different and be happy. I’m always different and I tend to have a relatively decent temperament (I don’t lie, sometimes I’m bitter. We can’t be happy all the time; That would upset the balance). It’s nice to be yourself. Perhaps you are waiting to tell someone something different about yourself. Maybe you should take this as a sign to do so. Chalices are an emotional sign so it might be your affections that you might be looking to discuss.

Saturday (Caturday?) 4-1-2017
10 of Pentacles (Walt Catsny): This is another card that wants you to beautify and create new worlds. You totally got this. I can’t believe how much the world wants us to create this weekend. It’s probably one of the best weekends to take on a project. Since pentacles are a more material sort of pip, and ten tends to be a sign of completion, why don’t you complete a project? It’s not a bad time to do that. Maybe it’s a sign to buy some flowers for your partner(s) or what have you. Or just get someone a gift and spread the love. That’s what balance is about; Creating happiness instead of the negative that affects us so much currently.

Sunday 4-2-2017
3 of Chalices (Catx Brothers): This is the ultimate sign that we are having a creative weekend and that you need to go and be weird. Be completely wacky and do something that is seen as off. This is an emotional card again so maybe do something weird with your partner(s) or what have you. Pets count, too. Even family. Just show someone your affection by doing something different.

So I noticed that two of my weekend cards are chalices. That tends to show me that there are a lot of emotional things going on this weekend. You will have a lot of fun though this weekend, as these are creative cards. All three cards are creative cards. They show you that it’s okay to be yourself.

Be yourself. Love yourself.

Be well, friends.

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend Forecast 3/24 to 3/26 2017

Greetings and salutations!!

It’s a bit late and I apologize for that. Hopefully your weekend is going to have a roaring start today. I can only hope that this weekend is going to be good for you.

Now, this being said, I have to warn you that I am using my Thoth Tarot deck set that I received a long time ago. I’ve used this before and you can always tell when I use it. The message is always a bit darker and definitely has a certain view to it. I believe this is because of who the creator of the deck was (or creators I suppose you could say, since the artist also counts, of course. One definitely cannot discount the artist), who was of course one Aleister Crowley. He was an interesting guy. There’s a ton of reading on him and some of the writings done by him.

Anwyay, let us get this party started. It’s time to see what the weekend has in store.

Friday 3-24-2017
Queen of Swords: This is a person who will enter your life or an idea that will enter your life today. You will find grace in this person or idea. You might start to exude more grace yourself. Subtlety and wonder will come to you on this day. This may cause your emotions to come into play quite a bit today so be concerned that someone doesn’t consider you to be too emotional. You are on top of this. You can do this. It’s Friday. TGIF.

Saturday 3-25-2017
III The Empress: Today is another day full of love and peace. It’s not a bad day at all. Today is a day to embrace your femininity. Go shopping for toiletries, stitch on a button you think you were putting off for so long, do things that are “stereotypically” female in nature. You can bake a pie, do some laundry, even. Although if you do both than I believe you will have a much richer life. What’s better than fresh pie and warm laundry?

Sunday 3-26-2017
XX The Aeon *the world* (Reversed): Today is the last step in a project that you have been working on. Did you start something this weekend and not finish it yet? Today is the best day to do so. Of course, if you have something that’s been looming over you at work/home/art/etc, perhaps you should ponder it over today. Maybe you’ll come up with an idea that you hadn’t thought of before. It’s a good day for that. Divine inspiration will smile upon you.

Looks like this weekend is going to be a doozy of a weekend once again. But productive, none the less. I hope you enjoyed my reading and found some sort of truth in it. That’s what I like to hear. Feel free to pop me a message; I’d love to hear about your weekend.

Be Well friends,

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend Forecast

Greetings and Salutations my wonderful readers!

It’s time for another weekend forecast. This week I am using the Tarot of the Spirit deck that I love to use. When I was a young person, I received this deck when I was ten years old. I used to use it so often and I had a reputation among my schoolmates for doing tarot readings for them. I even sold readings for a quarter at the time so I could buy snacks at the school vending machines. During my senior year, we went on a trip to Six Flags over Texas and I carried everything I wanted to carry in my backpack. Unfortunately, I forgot my cards and other papers were in my backpack when we went on a water ride and everything I had with me got ruined. I was devastated. Years later I purchased the deck with my own money so I still have a copy of the deck which I originally started off with. I love this deck with all my heart and I wish I could use it more often.

But I digress. It’s time for a reading/forecast. I hope you are as excited as I am for it. Here we go:

Friday 3-17-17:
Seven of Fire (reversed) “Courage”: It looks like things are not going as planned. I feel like this week has been kind of a pain for you. It’s been a rough week and it looks like today is not going to go as well either. Fortunately for you, it’s Friday, and Friday is the end of most people’s work week. It’s not a good day, and I hate to say that for you. Be wary that you might be vulnerable and you are not used to this. Take your time and when the going gets tough, try to duck out before you get hurt or injured somehow.

Saturday 3-18-17:
Five of Earth (reversed) “The Nadir”: A run-over day from yesterday. Looks like you are going to suffer some form of loss. It won’t be as bad as you originally planned or worried about, though. You may feel some depression as well though today, and I am extremely sorry for this. This weekend is not going to be an entirely pleasant trip, I must say. Hopefully Sunday will make it better for you.

Sunday 3-19-17:
III The Empress: Your spirituality is tested today. Be aware of the abundance in your life. You are healing today, so be open to all sources of such. Something that I find is important is to do some self care for yourself and really give yourself time to heal. The past two days have been absolutely awful, so you will do so much better today (Sunday).

I love talking to you all about various tarot readings and such. I am hoping to get my business up and running once again and try to get some clients (YOU!) and then we can all do more together.

Be well my friends,

-Vyvyan Wormwood