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Earth Day 2017

Hello my little Tarot Tots.

It’s Earth Day and I thought I would talk about it a little bit.

Today I drew a card from my Druid Plant Oracle deck. That card that I drew is Yarrow.

Yarrow is the plant of the Horned God, so they say. It’s a very virile plant. There is a fun little thing that Yarrow is used to staunch blood from injuries and whatnot. I have not tried this personally, but there is a lot of Yarrow in my area of the world.

If you want to celebrate Earth Day, why not plant some Yarrow? It should already be trying to come up in some parts of the world, but it only blooms in Summer and Autumn. Gives you a little bit of a wait for it’s beautiful, little flowers.

Something I think is important is for our students, children, and pretty much everyone really to have some form of gardening skill. It’s very useful. I believe that gardening and things like that, things that will produce for the kiddos, should be taught in school and that the produce from these things should be given to like a home ec class or what have you. It could be a summer program for kids who just need something to do or to even give them an opportunity to learn a new thing.

Earth Day is about respecting our Earth Mother by doing things to help her, be that recycling or gardening or any other positive Earth-based form of recreation. Our duties to our Earth Mother are important and should not be thought of as a job. We garden because it builds a better planet and it helps us (and others) out. It provides for us; SHE provides for us.

Care for your Mother.

-Vyvyan Wormwood