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Reading For Oneself

Hey there everyone. Hope you are doing okay.

I see a lot of content on the web about different types of reading, different styles of reading, and the like. How you obtain your deck, how you use your deck, how to maintain your tarot cards. I want to talk about How to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself. It’s important to learn about how to read your tarot cards. Reading tarot cards is a skill that I have used a vast portion of my life.

This was a reading for myself many years ago…

Today, I kind of want to talk about the use of the deck, since we have gone over the whole thing about shuffling a while back. You see, there are some people who say that you can not read the tarot for yourself. I like to believe that you can read for whomever you wish, just make sure you keep your practices ethical. Ethical practices are a key to any good thing.

Now, when you read for yourself you will need to know what deck you are using. Do not repeat the same questions over and over during the same sitting. I believe in the ideal that each deck has a spirit, and therefore I treat them kindly. You wouldn’t ask someone a question over and over until you got blue in the face, would you? That is part of the idea that the reading should be ethical. Treat your deck as you would any other living being.

Treating your deck as another living being, ask questions that it might see of you from the outside looking in, but know that the cards are also a sort of vehicle for your intuition. How you use your intuition is important here. You can flex your intuition by using your cards often; make friends with your cards.

It is good practice to read with your decks often. Many people say that you should read with your tarot deck daily, and I find this to be quite true. You have to be able to know what you are reading with confidence. When you are just starting out, you can use various books. Even when you have been reading the cards for a lengthy period of time, some people still use books and things as references. Other people sometimes have ideas about the tarot that you may not yourself have.

This doesn’t mean that you should talk about your readings to just anyone. Personally, I believe the ethical thing to do is to never divulge what you are reading and such to other people in a way that does not maintain the confidentiality of whomever you are reading or, yourself included. Obviously if it is yourself, you can read for yourself and tell other people your findings because you have your own consent. If you are reading for another person, do NOT go around telling everyone else that person’s business. The only way you can get away with something like that without consent is to not use any names and be super vague about it. Even then, it is still not considered a practice that is smiled upon.

Everyone has the ability to read the cards. I believe this to the very fiber of my being, and I want to pass that ability around to others before I pass away myself.

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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My name is Vyvyan Wormwood (not my real name but I'm sticking to it!). I am a Hedgewitch and an Oracle. I have always been spiritual but have been on my path since I was ten. I want to help people learn the various things that I have learned on the way.

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