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Early December Thoughts


Greetings Tarot Tots!

It is the beginning of December, probably the most stressful month of the year. It does not have to be but it often is. It’s okay to be not okay during this month. Sometimes things happen that cause us to have grief during this time year. Be us single, alone, or what have you. If you are alone, know that I am with you during this time of year. That I am with you all year long. We can be each other’s support network.

The silver lining of grieving during this time of year is that the veil is the absolute thinnest around the Winter Solstice and Yule. You can contact the spirits of the ones who have passed on and such. You can give yourself whatever closure you need, but know that they are with you all the time anyway. Ancestor veneration is a THING.

My father, who is often a sore subject, does not believe in the idea that one should disturb their ancestors or the deceased. I do not agree. I feel that these people and beings have things to offer us, if only we offer a form of repayment to them. We must show the respect and remember them, not let them pass and obsess over their memory. They are there, they are aware, and they want to help us. I can go over some basics of veneration in a later post.

This post is mostly made to let you know that I am here, that Decembers are often hard for me, as my family does not do much to connect. Instead, my husband and I find ways to connect with my friends and such that are around us. We have built our own holidays and fun. I will probably go over this at some point in time this month.

My goal this month is to be more present with you all on my blog; even if that means that I do not make anything particularly useful for you to look at (like this). I struggle with depression, but that also means that I KNOW how it feels to be depressed. We can fight together, side-by-side. I’ll be your genderfluid Valkyrie.

Let’s fight the December Blues together!

-Vyvyan Wormwood

The Wormwood Oracle and the Mind Behind the Darkest Designs


My name is Vyvyan Wormwood (not my real name but I'm sticking to it!). I am a Hedgewitch and an Oracle. I have always been spiritual but have been on my path since I was ten. I want to help people learn the various things that I have learned on the way.

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