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Weekend Forecast 1.29-1.31.2021

Greetings my little Tarot Tots!

Here we are with another fun weekend in the world of 2021. I hope you are having a good time. We shall see how this goes.

This week we’re using the Wild Unknown Tarot again. Good old standby.

Ten of Pentacles (Upright
)- (keywords- fulfilment, abundance): This is a card that talks about all the success you will/do have at the very moment. Life is going pretty decently and things are looking up. As someone who is in love with pop culture and the different variations of what people are looking at here and now, I would have to say that this “material” and “physical” gain card could do with some of the things we have going on in the world that want us to be earning a little bit of money. It’s pretty crazy how things are going to go this year. Let’s see what this weekend has in store.

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed
)- (keywords- destiny, change of course): This card is always a bit of a wild card. Things can change and sometimes things can get out of hand. It’s easy to find a purpose somewhere within this card so that’s an important thing to look for during this day. I’m hoping that with what’s happening in the world and whatever has happened today will help you figure out things you are missing.

2 of Wands (Upright)
(keywords- determination, direction): Today is another day with the card pointed in the direction you should be going. Are we lucky? Is this fate? I am not sure, but you should definitely know that there are opportunities knocking at the door and you might want to answer instead of hiding with your butt half out from under the coffee table. There is adventure and magic afoot and you need to be out there watching. When something happens to give you more to look for, try opening your eyes. The world isn’t all bad.

10 of Swords (Reversed)(keywords- ruin, rock bottom, melodrama): The fact that we are seeing this card in reverse is probably a good thing. It usually means some pretty negative things, but in reverse it can even be downright lucky. Things are coming to an end and you should look for silver linings.

It’s funny that there were two ten cards from two suits. Three if you include the Wheel of Fortune. I’m unsure about the connection with the numerology of the number ten but I can give some links to a few things I found while researching this post. Looks like this website said to look at it as a number one. You can find it here. Here is another site that looks interesting.

It looks like everything old is new again.

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend Forecast 1.8-1.10.2021

Greetings and Salutations My Tarot Tots, Nieces, and Nephews!

Weekend Forecast 1.8.21-1.20.21 via The Wild Unknown Tarot

Today is another day. The first week of the year is finally about over. Why not start the year off right with a little Weekend Forecast? Well how about we just meander on into this year than, shall we?

The Emperor IV (Reversal): (keywords: protection, stability, the father): This weekend we are dealing with a lot of “head” issues rather then “heart” issues. We need to evaluate the situations that we have going on and re-evaluate the structure in our lives. It might take a few times before we can kind of pick things apart. I like to think that this is important with setting goals for the new year. Do you have resolutions or goals that you are setting? I have a few resources that I can link you to to help you set and attain your own goals in an efficient manner. Here at lifehack, Here at Harvard, and Here at Daring to live fully.

FRIDAY 1.8.2021:
8 of Cups (Upright): (keywords: stagnation, ill health): This is where we get to the tricky part. Today we’re going to start to stick with those things. The problem is that we have been sticking with the unhealthy habits so long we don’t know exactly how to cope with the ick that we currently have. Shake things up by trying something new. It’s important to really get yourself motivated somehow. Maybe you start off enthused and just flop later on? It’s time to really do your best. This year is going to be your bitch (lol).

SATURDAY 1.9.2021:
Ace if Swords (Reversal): (keywords: truth, mental clarity): Today is a kind of day for a creative block. Did you decide on your resolutions already? Maybe today is a time to stop procrastination. Or maybe if you just feel like you can’t stop your procrastination you should just take some time to yourself today. Be like the Hermit; take some time to yourself and just recharge. It’s not a bad thing to do that sometimes.

SUNDAY 1.10.2021:
Justice VIII (Reversal): (keywords: decisions, karma): Sometimes this card comes up when there is legal trouble going on. Sometimes this card just comes up when there is some kind of stagnation in general. Once again we have a “head” card and not a “heart” card. It’s not a bad thing. It just means that we have work to do. I can’t quite say what we are working on this weekend; I could delve deeper if I wanted to but I’ve been pretty tired lately. Please forgive your Auntie from this.

Hope everyone get some good resolutions this year. Auntie’s goal is simply “Be Better.”
Aunt Vyvyan
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