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Midnight Musing– Feeling Foolish

Good evening Tarot Tots.

Just thinking about things that have gone on in my life.

I once had a friend who was very protective of their craft; which is highly understandable. Sometimes we would swap notes on things and talk about all kinds of various topics. It was always a good time when we got together. We always had something new to talk about in our spiritual journeys.

I look back at this person and wonder if they were testing me. I’ve done a lot of research on my own lately and I have come across things that cause me to doubt some of the things that they would talk to me about. For example: I recently found out that the one sigil this person talked to me about as being a goddess sigil was actually a bind rune. When I look back at it, I kind of wonder if this was not on purpose to make me look like some kind of an ass.

I’ve seen that symbol around a lot lately and every time I see it I get so frustrated. I feel like someone is just out to make me look like some kind of idiot. I had no idea that was a bind rune or anything of the sort. Hell, I don’t even know right now if I actually know what I’m talking about. It’s hard to tell that sometimes.

Perhaps I am being too hard on this person. Perhaps not. Perhaps they really were trying to get me to prove them wrong so they would know that I was actually paying attention to the things that they were saying. Either way, the sigil is not even Greek (which they had claimed it was) and is actually some form of Scandinavian or Northern area runic symbol.

Has someone made you look like an ass to better themselves? To test you? Is this just me? Auntie is feeling rather foolish.

Love you kiddos.

-Aunt Vyvyan

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Mother’s Night Blessings

Blessings on this Mother’s Night to all of my wonderful Tarot Tots!

“Fire is best for mortals, and sunshine— and also good health, if you have it, and living beyond reproach.”
― Jackson Crawford, The Poetic Edda

Today I’m going to do something easy and work on some journal prompts and maybe you can get to know me through this a bit. This is my first year celebrating Modraniht, and I learned that you are typically not supposed to work during the yuletide season, but I can’t help myself looking at these journal prompts. So how about we have a look? I found these journal prompts on this website, as follows:

  1. A highlight to celebrate: For my little family unit, we celebrate Yule on the Winter Solstice, which comes on the 21st of December. We also celebrate Christmas with my family on the 25th. It’s kind of nice to have twelve days to celebrate and contemplate the new year now (not like there wasn’t before… it’s just that now I have MORE of a reason to really consider what things I’m going to change next year about myself and my life.).
  2. What needs illuminating: I think what I need to illuminate more is the path ahead of me. I feel like the path behind me is quite illuminated at this point. I just haven’t really done much digging as to what I will be doing in the future. Things have changed immensely and it’s hard for be to keep things contained. I’m okay at keeping secrets but honestly I still have trouble doing it.
  3. What am I visualizing: What I am currently visualizing is maybe somehow fixing the road I am living on to make my life easier. There is so much I need to do. Doing this would help my life immensely so I imagine and visualize money heading to the road.
  4. What do I need to be more optimistic about: I am optimistic about the new year, as I always am, and about what I will be doing in the new year to bring about my new path.
  5. What am I attracting: Hopefully I’m attracting some positivity and good fortune.
  6. What am I inspired to do: I’m inspired to paint lately. Doing art has always been one of those things that I can enjoy. It’s nice to see myself doing those things again. I have so much to do!
  7. How can I be a beacon of light to others? I’m currently building up a small community where people can join in and be happy together with me. To talk and share ideas.
  8. Where to focus my energy: Next year I want to focus on my path and my sewing. Maybe do more tarot. I know I’ve flubbed up quite a bit lately. I would love to get together with others and celebrate the year proper! I just hope that the world will be okay with it once again, after all this ‘Rona shit.
  9. What do I need to be more mindful about: I need to be more mindful about my own mental health. I want to be more careful and take time for self care in my own right. I deserve some time to myself where I’m not pulling my hair out.
  10. A self-care practice that would benefit me at this time: Probably more daily meditation time. I really don’t give myself much. I suppose some time with coffee or tea would be good as well.
  11. A new direction: I will be going to go towards a more heathen-y path this next year.
  12. What delights me: I have a goddess who is interested in me. I’m so excited.
  13. What lights me up: I’m absolutely flabbergasted with the last answer. lol.
  14. A moment of enlightenment: Havamal stanza 31: “A man may seem wise/ if he pokes fun at another/ and disdains a fellow guest./ But the man who talks/ behind another man’s back/ knows little, even if he laughs with men.”
  15. A fun revelation: “Do not kiss the ass that is not worth the paper it is wiped with”
  16. Happiness is…: A nice book in a bubbly bath!!!!
  17. A creative talent that needs nurturing: Poetry. I think that would be something that I would like to work on in the upcoming year.
  18. What needs invigorating: Probably my watercolour and my poetry….. I dunno. I could use some refreshing of both. Honestly there are so many things.
  19. How I currently express myself: Not well enough.

This is all for now. If I think of anything else I will probably add more comments or maybe some kind of continuation.

Much love everyone.

-Aunt Vyvyan Wormwood