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Weekend Forecast 9.11-9.13.2020

Using the New Wave Tarot deck today for funsies.

Greetings my little Tarot Tots!

It’s good to see you again! I decided to work with the New Wave Tarot deck today. It’s always nice to try something else for a change. The reason I really like this deck is becuase there is a lot of goth and 80s musicians that are super cool! Like for example the strength card (pictured above actually) has a really cool image of Grace Jones on it. If you don’t know who Grace Jones is, you should definitely look her up. My favorite thing she did was Warm Leatherette.

I’m writing this as I have Soft Cell performing “Where did our love go?” plays in the background. It’s nice to really get into something while you do your tarot readings. Maybe I’ll talk about that some time. “Where did our love go” is one of my favorite Soft Cell songs. I know it’s pretty stereotypical but it’s just so damn good!!!

So what is your favorite New Wave song or band? Let’s get into the reading!

Lovers (Robert Smith and Mary Poole)(Upright
)- (keywords: sex, trust, passion): The theme for this weekend is going to be self-love. You are going to want to do something or some things (or maybe even some ONE) to help you get through this weekend. It’s going to be an intense love session this weekend. Can you imagine all of the fun things you are missing out on because you are just so down on yourself? There’s so much you can do to get back to wearing your positive shoes and lace those bitches up and walk in them.

Friday 9.11.2020:
Heirophant (Nick Cave) (Upright)
(keywords- tradition, knowledge): This card is based on Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and one of their most popular songs is “Red Right Hand.” Following this song you can see that there are ways to get into someone’s life somehow. The keywords to this card are tradition and knowledge and you can really feel that in “Red Right Hand.” The lyrics “he’ll reach deep in the hole/heal your shrinking soull/but there won’t be a single thing you can do” Show that there might be an outside source showing you how to love. If this is your self-love that you are trying to focus on (which you should of course) consider possibly a higher power. Hell, music in itself is a higher power and you should maybe just dance. There are tons of livestreams you can watch on the weekends that stream music just for you! My favorite is my local club’s Dark Dancing. You can find them at and maybe check out the stream tonight. You can find the twitch url through

Saturday 9.12.2020:
Nine of Wands (Erasure) (Reversed)
(Keywords- Courage, Resilience): One of Erasure’s most popular songs is the song “Oh L’amour” which is obviously a love song. It’s nice to see a theme actually running through the cards like this. This song is about an almost unrequited love. Do you have something like this? Perhaps it has to do with being sort of unable to love yourself? It’s time to do something to make it easier for you to love yourself. Take some time and really think about things you love about yourself. Write down at least one positive thing about yourself a day. I think that that kind of thing actually helps you when you’re feeling down.

Sunday 9.13.2020:
Strength (Grace Jones) (Reversed)-
(keywords- balance, courage): Is there anyone who is more in touch with who they are then Grace Jones? She’s an absolutely amazing human being. She’s a singer, a song writer, even an actress. I’m always amazed at her strength. So now it’s your turn. Be creative and have the courage to give yourself the love you need. I feel like now it’s time to look into the physical realm of things that you love about yourself. Don’t forget to write down your one positive thing today!

You’ve been great this weekend. You can do this! There is so much you can do to care for yourself. Face masks, bubble baths, all that stuff. BUT. You can even do things like read your favorite book, play your favorite game, eat your favorite food. Do something that means a lot to yourself.

Lots of love,
-Vyvyan Wormwood
Everyone’s favorite gothic auntie