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Weekend Forecast 6.26-6.28.2020

Greetings Tarot Tots!

It’s time again for our weekend tarot forecast.  I made the decision to start doing a sort of theme for each weekend and maybe see if that helps to make things come across a little bit clearer.

This weekend we are a week away from Independence Day (the holiday celebrated on July 4th for the ending of the Revolutionary War in the United States of America); hopefully that means that we will have some positive vibes coming our way. I’m not an astrologer (yet. I’m learning) so I couldn’t really tell you what kind of things are going to happen for Independence Day this year.

I am also working on a fun July challenge for this upcoming month. It will be posted whenever it is completed, hopefully. It is not a for sure thing just now. I am kind of gauging if anyone would like to do it before I get started. Maybe I will head the challenge off and just do it for myself and see if anyone wants to do it with me. It is not something that will be difficult for anyone to do and it will probably be something to help learn how to use the tarot in our daily practices each day.

If you are curious, the deck that I am using this week is called the Star Spinner Tarot. I bought it off of if you are wanting to buy it yourself. So I suppose we should get started with our weekend forecast? Sounds like a plan, Stan.


XV The Devil (Upright): The theme for this weekend is Overindulgence and Self-Care. D you think that you are doing TOO MUCH self-care? It’s hard to really gauge this kind of thing. It could be that you are being quite the hedonist with what has been going on in the world and you just need to see where you are making yourself too lax.

FRIDAY 6.26.2020:
KNIGHT of Coins (Upright): You are ambitious, probably too much so at this point. You need to step back and perhaps not over work yourself. If you are not being overly ambitious, maybe you need to lighten up and not be so strict on yourself. I feel like you are working too hard at something. Life is not just for working. Life is about enjoying it and relaxing sometimes as well. It’s just really hard to know what you are doing sometimes.

SATURDAY 6.27.2020:
QUEEN of Swords (Reversed): This card states that you currently do not have a support network and that you probably have cut them off somehow. It’s time to reconnect with your friends somehow in a safe manner (after all, the ‘Rona isn’t completely over right now), whether it is via telephone, texting, messaging, some kind of chat service, etc. You just need to find people who can help you in some way. I suppose that you could find some sort of support network in things that you care about, like music or movies. Those kinds of things are things that provide you with self-care, which is what we are focusing on this weekend.

SUNDAY 6.28.2020:
IV the Emperor (Reversed): Now you’ve done it. You’ve outworn yourself entirely. Your labor is not showing any fruits at this moment. People have not been loyal to you. Perhaps you are working with other people and they just aren’t showing you the respect that you deserve. You deserve better. You know you do, I know you do. Hell, THEY probably know you do. Perhaps you should kind of recoil away from THOSE people who are bringing the negativity into your life. The support network you started building or rebuilding on Saturday are definitely going to be some kind of help with this, that I am sure.


Lots of love,
-Aunt Vyv

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Monday Musings 6.22.2020

Greetings Tarot Tots!

Being famous is a very interesting thing. People don’t talk to you proper because they want to get into your good graces.

I mention this because I had a conversation with a famous person this weekend and I was so nervous and also very nervous afterwards when I realized who I was actually talking to. I got so flustered, but she was very kind to me.

I am referring to Theresa Reed, an author of a book that I am currently reading (“Tarot for Troubled Times”) and will be reviewing at some point in the near future on this blog. She goes by @TheTarotLady on twitter if you are curious. I definitely recommend following her on there, because she has a lot of good, funny, and relatable content. I appreciate a quick wit such as hers.

Anyway, my best friend, Rose, told me to talk to famous people as I would any other person because they are just normal people like the rest of us. She told me how she spent an hour talking to Gail Carriger, an author she and I both love, at one instance and Gail was very happy that Rose talked to her like a regular, average type of person. I told Rose that I would not have been able to do that, personally. I get too wound up.

So my goal is to be a little less flustered when I talk to people who are famous or even remotely influential (you wouldn’t believe how nervous I get). I will be working on that from now on. I want to use my tarot platform to do so much, like tarot for famous people.

My weekends always go by pretty quickly. I will be doing a motivational tarot card pull on my Instagram later as well.

Please keep an eye out for it. You can find me on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook under the name @VyvyanWormwood.


Love to all you good folx,
Aunt Vyvyan

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Dark Moon: June-2020

Greetings Tarot Tots!

Hey everyone. I’m doing a special reading with a deck called the Dark Goddess Oracle Cards by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters and Kate Osborne. I thought I would do this because it’s going to be the Dark Moon and why not?

IMG_8221 (3)

The center is number one, the top is number two, the left is number three, and the right is number four.


Number 1: Medea (Deception)–  The time for lies is over and you must now come clean. You should come clean now before something horrible happens in the long run. If it’s not you who has been lying, then someone else needs to or will come clean to you over the next month or two. Hopefully sooner than later.

Number 2: Penthesilea (Guilt)– Forgive others and maybe even yourself for things that have been done or said. They have come clean or you have come clean. Let things get better by forgiving.

Number 3: Faumnach (Envy)– Now is not the time to be wanting what others possess or what they are capable of. Whomever has been lying (you or them) it is time to relax and let the other shine on their own. Everyone has a skill or something that someone else wants. Don’t be a green-eyed monster.

Number 4: Nuba (Denial)– My favorite part of the booklet about this goddess is that with her in sight, one should no longer deny things in your life; don’t deny love, don’t deny truth, don’t deny yourself. You only live once. Tell people you love them. Show that you are appreciative of all things in this life.

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Weekend Forecast 6.19.2020

Greetings my little Tarot Tots!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Yowza. Sorry about that. To get us back on track, I have decided to do a Weekend Tarot Forecast like I had been doing in the past. It was something that was well loved and it’s something that I enjoy doing. I am hoping to get back onto a schedule, but if I can do at least one post a week, this is what I’m going to continue doing.

Anyway, let’s get cracking!!!


I feel like this picture came out really good this time. I am hoping to improve the quality of my content as we go along. This was taken with the help of a ring light with a warm setting. Because the summer solstice is upon us (oh my gosh it is on Saturday!!!), I decided to use a tarot cloth that had sunflowers and bees on it. That seemed to be the most summery of all of the cloths that I currently possess.

Let’s do this in days:


Friday 6.19.2020:
8 of Swords (Upright)Trapped, Confined
The beautiful hawk is trapped in a cage of swords. This card is not exactly the greatest card in the world, as it’s meaning is to be trapped or confined. But, honestly we can read it in a positive light in that we could consider our unhappiness to be trapped and confined. Just think about all the positive things you can and trap that unhappiness. You can beat the blues of the world. You just need to try.


Saturday 6.20.2020
VI The Lovers (Upright)– Twin-soul, Reverence
Well, this is a much more uplifting card than yesterday’s card. Looks like you’re going to be hanging out with or talking with one of your best friends or lovers today. Someone positive in your life will be visiting somehow, be it an online chat or even an in person chat, and will bring you some good news.
Good news is something that we are all waiting for these days. I would even say that this card brings something positive just in general to you through this card. Considering that this is the Lovers card, I would say that this is some kind of news from or about a friend, family member, lover, or acquaintance. Someone who is a positive influence on your life. It will be a huge relief for you.
I feel like what trapped you yesterday is going to be solved today. You will see a more uplifting message. I can’t guarantee that this information will be newsworthy, but it might be.
Today is the day of the Summer Solstice this year in the Northern Hemisphere (Winter Solstice for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere of course). I like to think that this means something important as well to our relationships
Let’s all hope for something uplifting!!!


Sunday 6.21.2020
2 of Cups (Upright)– Partner, Nexus
Chalices and cups are cards for relationships. Perhaps the card for Saturday has gone over really well and you had someone stay the night with you last night. You will have a great time today if it worked over on yesterday. It’s nice to see that this actually was a positive weekend.
If it’s a non-romantic relationship, you will find that you and your friend or acquaintance, even a family member, you will see that you will have an improvement in your relationship that you didn’t even think you had before. Perhaps you will consider marriage.


With the cards that I have pulled for this weekend, I believe that we started off rather rocky, but with the Summer Solstice coming up, we will all be celebrating the wonderful rays of sun of the longest day. Hopefully, the weather will be great and our relationships will prosper.

Much Love,
-Aunt Vyvyan