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Weekend Forecast 5-19-2017 to 5-21-2017

Hello my little Tarot Tots!

Today I wanted to try something a little bit different. I’m so excited about this. For this weekend’s forecast I changed from using a tarot deck to an oracle deck that I am fond of. This oracle deck is called the “Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards.” I bought this deck from a thrift shop (believe that or not!) and it has worked really well for me ever since.

The reason that I have chosen to work with this particular deck is due to it’s healing properties. I’m very excited about how it’s going to work for you this weekend. I can’t help myself, I read ahead of how I usually do things to see how well it would work this weekend.

Let the healing begin:

Friday 5-19-2017

Detoxification: I see this card a LOT when I’m working with this particular deck, so I’m not surprised to see it here. This card is all about trying to get rid of old habits, poor health, and give you good things like eating the proper foods and the proper amounts. It’s good to really take a step back and look at how you’re doing today. You need to realize that somewhere, you have something toxic in your life, and you need to pull it out of there. It’s a good time to get started on that. The affirmation for this card is as follows:

“I take excellent care of my body, and I crave only healthful foods and beverages.”


Saturday 5-20-2017

New Location: I can’t say this card really makes too much sense in this current reading. I’m not sure how to place it. That’s the thing: This card is all about placement. You may need a new job or a new home or just something new in general. I personally see this as a sign to change something dramatically, which works well with the previous day’s card. Try shuffling your hours around and doing some feng shui maybe. The affirmation for this card is as follows:

“I now live and work in a safe, comfortable, spacious environment, in a wonderful location.”


Sunday 5-21-2017

Moving Forward Fearlessly: This card is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It’s very exciting that this card has shown up in this reading. It shows that whatever steps you have taken in the past two days is really taking effect. You’re going to do wonderful and you need to further it by taking more steps to your dreams. You could take some kind of lesson like singing or painting or something absolutely fun. It’s a good thing to really take care of yourself this way. I personally take care of my dreams by writing in this blog. To help people and show them the different manners in which they can help themselves is just perfect for me. The affirmation for this card is as follows:

“I move forward fearlessly, trusting that each step I take is perfectly guided.”


So what do you think, Tarot Tots? Looks good? I think so. I can’t wait to see what kind of things that you guys get up to.

Let me know what kind of shenanigans you get up to. I can’t wait to hear from all of you.


Lots of love,

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend Forecast 5-12-2017

Hello my little Tarot Tots!

It’s time for another weekend forecast. I can’t wait to see what we’ve got in store today. I will be using the Tarot of the Spirit deck that I love so much. I haven’t bought or received any new decks recently so I can’t do anything new (bummer), but that’s okay. The decks that I have work absolutely wonderfully either way.

I’m sure everyone is glad that Mercury Retrograde is FINALLY OVER. I had a lot of issues go down during that time and I feel like I could have done better or something.

Enough about that. Let’s move onto the forecast. It looks like we’ve got quite a bit going on this weekend.

Here we go:

Friday 5-12-2017:
XVII The Star: This is a good day to follow your creativity and do something amazing. Do you have a project that you are working on currently? You should work on it today! When you get the time. I’m sure if you worked on it during this weekend it will be absolutely fine. I’m looking at the cards next to it and it kind of looks like it will maybe be a good day to do gardening. More on this later.

Saturday 5-13-2017:
8 of Earth- The Mountain: Today is a difficult day. It is going to be a day that you are going to have to be committed to what you do. You need to stick to your guns and do what you do best. I think this has to do with the previous card, which means that whatever you started yesterday needs to be finished today.

Sunday 5-14-2017:
7 of Earth- The Garden (Reversed): This card tends to mean that when you are in the garden that you are successful, and I believe that is true. You are at peace with something that you have created. I believe this is going to be a challenging win, but a win nonetheless. Gardening is such a wonderful hobby, even when you are just putting things in containers on your windowsill, believe that what you are doing is saving our sweet mother earth.

Now, for something entirely different, but still close to my heart: Bees. Bees are important to our ecosystem. They are vital in a plant(s) life. They pollinate, like butterflies, but I believe they are far more efficient, since they look like they can carry more than a butterfly can. They’re usually rather peaceful, unless you harass them. These creatures seem to even know when you are afraid. If you hold still and stay calm, they will leave you alone. They could honestly care less that you are there.

For some more information on saving the bees, please visit the following link:

Save the Bees!
More Bees!
Cheerio’s Bee Saving Page

That’s all for today! Thanks everyone!

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Monday Musings- Adoration

Hello my little Tarot Tots!

So my prompt for the day is “What draws you to paganism?”

Well, there are many things. Mostly the fact that it is a rather peaceful, earth centered religion. As a Hedgewitch, I am very drawn to working with the earth and it’s denizens. I am out there to learn about the world around me. Mostly I work with land spirits and animals spirits. There are many different ways to do these things. I will go over them at some point in this blog.

I like the fact that paganism is very eco friendly and that a lot of pagans are vegetarian or vegan. Not all of them, but some. I can kind of appreciate those views. I consider myself mostly vegetarian, but I occasionally enjoy meat. This is called Flexitarianism (which is what I am, obviously). I can kind of pick and choose, but most of the time I enjoy plant based foods and such.

I am not Wiccan, and I enjoy keeping the Balance that is nature. Sometimes I am called upon to do hexes and such but most of the time I do not. I just like having the option. I try to be the kind of person that excels at being nice and hope that works for the best. I just see that working for me much better.

Something that I really like is the fact that I can uphold a sort of balance in my own little corner of the world with all of the spirits to aid me.

I would say that my most favorite aspect is that you have to study so much. If you want to get anywhere you need to know what you are doing. Life is full of learning and as I always say “If you don’t learn your lesson in life, you’ll have to repeat the class.” There are so many books, websites, blogs, twitters…. Everything. So many views to be shared. Hell, I’m sharing my views right now with you. I’ve read so much and I’ve experienced so much as well. It’s fun and it’s a great thing for you to try. I can’t say it’s for everyone, but I’m pretty sure just dipping your toes into some of it might give you a fresh look on life and such.

I suppose this has become ranty. Anyway.

Be Well, friends.

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Monday Musings- My Religion Beforehand

Hello my little Tarot Tots!

Looks like it’s time for another bit of musings this Monday. I have been getting prompts from a blog here on the intarnuts called Pagan Journal Prompts.

So my next prompt is: What was my Religion before I was pagan.

Well, I didn’t spend a lot of time being anything besides pagan, as I was kind of taken in by paganism and whatnot before I could explore other religions too seriously. I have been really interested in and fascinated with paganism and other new age type things ever since I was a kid (ten if you’ve been following me for a bit).

My mother tried to get my brother and I to go to a christian (southern baptist) church for a little while when my little brother was in third grade (I BELIEVE I was in like… fifth grade at the time? I’m not entirely sure….). We did not like it very much. In fact, both my brother and I both thought we were going to hell so severely that we had nightmares for weeks after going to that church. We’re just not the type of people you can preach fire and brimstone. I know there are people who like that sort of thing, but we were very sensitive children (and I’m STILL rather sensitive).

I don’t bash other religions. In fact, I would really like to go back to a church some time just to see what sort of things that go on there. I was actually invited to several things before Easter (even though I was celebrating the pagan way).

So there you go. A little information about myself.

What is your religion, friends?

-Vyvyan Wormwood