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Reading 10/16 – 10/22 2016

This week I will be reading with the Vampire Tarot by Robert M Place. It is based on various vampire legends, gothic authors, literary and movie figures, and so on. I really enjoy reading with this deck. It has a very interesting sort of imagery that is quite classic.

So let’s start!

Sunday: Five of Holy Water (reversed):  stuck in the past. Unable to move forward. I feel that things will be stuck in place today. (Or have been, since this day is over already). You will have to figure out how to get past this blockage to move on with your week proper. I see it could be an argument or something that is blocking you.

Monday:  King of Holy Water (reversed): Sir Henry Irving is in this card. It seems like a person, possibly the person (or thing) that blocked you on Sunday, is rearing it’s ugly head. You will probably not have a pleasant time during the day, and it may wear over into when you make it home (if you had left the home during this day for any reason).

Tuesday: XIX The Sun:  Good news! Today is the day you get over the hump. No, not hump day! The slump you’ve been in the past couple of days. It will be resolved for certain today. Don’t worry and play it cool. Just don’t make it into a big to-do and you’ll be fine.

Wednesday: IX The Hermit: It’s time to be alone for the day. Take a mini vacation and get yourself pampered. You will do just fine. Just make sure you relax because otherwise you will just cause yourself undue stress.

Thursday: Knight of Stakes (reversed): Edgar Allen Poe! You’re going to be full of energy today due to this card being in reverse. You will have so much to do and you know you can get it done. Someone is counting on you. It may be just you or a pet or something, but someone (or thing) is counting on you to use your energy to the fullest today. Make it happen!

Friday: Ace of Stakes (reversed): Looks like whatever you spent your energy on isn’t exactly the best of things. You are going to have a hard time today. Try to make up for it, but remain calm. There is always tomorrow!

Saturday: King of Stakes: Franz Liszt. Use your positive personality traits to the best of your abilities. If you stay positive today you will be able to deal with all of the trouble from this past week. Don’t stress. Help people out. Maybe even volunteer your time somewhere. It all depends on what you are good at.

And that’s this week’s reading. Feel free to interpret however you see fit.
-Vyvyan Wormwood



My name is Vyvyan Wormwood (not my real name but I'm sticking to it!). I am a Hedgewitch and an Oracle. I have always been spiritual but have been on my path since I was ten. I want to help people learn the various things that I have learned on the way.

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