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Weekly Reading 10/10/16-10/15/16

Weekly Tarot Reading for 10-10-2016 to 10-15-2016

Hi guys. This is this week’s Weekly Draw. I am going to start trying to do these on Sundays but today is Monday, so I am terribly sorry for that.

Monday: The Ace of Pentacles/Disks– “Self-confidence” Today is a day that you need to kind of get your butt in gear. It will do you well. Getting that get up and go feeling will start this week off right. It might be difficult, but perhaps a few positive affirmations would help. Just try to be mindful and don’t get TOO confident. This could lead to trouble later on.

Tuesday: Queen of Pentacles/Disks– “Sound administration” Today is a good day to give and recieve advice. What you choose to say should be carefully worded, and what you listen to should be considered before acting. Always think before you act. That is the key to Tuesday.

Wednesday: Knight of Wands (Reverse)– “Impulsiveness” Your actions from Tuesday may have bled over into today. You react without thinking. Try not to do this. Don’t run from the problem that was created. Stay and fight for what you believe in.

Thursday: Knight of Cups/Chalices– “Offer” This is a good day to offer something to the spirits and connect. You could even give something to someone else in your life. This is a really good time to just give gifts or share something. It will help your previous day’s folly. Don’t worry about it too much. Just give something from the heart to someone you love or you want to impress and it will come across nicely.

Friday: Knight of Swords– “Break-up” This is a difficult day. You will find that there are various obstacles in your path that you need to overcome. With the proper thought and action, you will do well. It will be very trying and could wear on for a while. This is only the beginning.

Saturday: XIX The Sun– “Joyous Occasion” This is a great day to make up for yesterday. I’m sure that it will be a bit chaotic, but once you start to get the hang of whatever has changed, you will find that you will be better off. Did you cut someone out? Take time to heal.
Meditate on this week and give it thought. You will see so many things will be changing this week. I would say do something routine this week. There are a few astrological events that could say that we need the routine. It’s all varied.

Darkest Blessings,
-Vyvyan Wormwood



My name is Vyvyan Wormwood (not my real name but I'm sticking to it!). I am a Hedgewitch and an Oracle. I have always been spiritual but have been on my path since I was ten. I want to help people learn the various things that I have learned on the way.

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