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Manipura– Solar Plexus

Colour—Yellow, Name—Manipura, Chakra- Solar Plexus
Here we have yellow, a happy and entertaining colour. Bright and joyous; it is related to the sunshine and brilliant days of summer. It is a hot heat, one that burns intensely. Yellow helps us deal with our emotions and opinions in a correct manner. We look to yellow to express those emotions and opinions in such a way that betters our lives. To deny yellow is to live a bleak life indeed. Without yellow, we have an extreme fear of failure.

I have often thought that without yellow we would be unable to deal with our failures. We need this bright colour to overcome our obstacles. Since chakra deals with the solar plexus and the digestive system. It deals with our pancreas, which is vital for our survivals. Without our pancreas, we would slowly be poisoned by our own bodies.

I work with my Manipura chakra by trying to figure out my opinions on things. I do not always have a proper opinion so I have a blocked Manipura chakra. My emotions are often very clouded so I have troubles with this chakra more than I do the others really. I also have many issues with my digestive system, things dealing with my liver (I have no gallbladder), that I have to take medication for. I am working towards the ability to go without medication for my liver and my entire digestive system as well.

If you find that you cannot voice your opinion, do not look to your throat chakra first. You should look at your solar plexus chakra and see if you have an opinion at all. This is where your base ideas are located and also where your ability to deal with situations with other people’s opinions surfaces. Once you can do this, you can find that voicing that opinion would be much easier for you.

et us meditate with Manipura:
• Ground and center
• Begin your breathing. Remember to shut down your body slowly as you did with the other meditations. Be slow with your body. You want to care for it well.
• Feel your solar plexus. Feel your digestive tract. You might want to hold your hand to your solar plexus area, which is located around the upper stomach area, in the upper abdomen just below the ribs.
• Feel a yellow glow from your upper abdomen area. Feel it move around your body into a spiral, spiraling out from your upper stomach.
• Feel around and see what thoughts come to you as your opinions. What do you think about life? What do you think about the sun? Do you think about the colour yellow positively? There are many things to feel at this point, but they are all up to you. You direct your consciousness.
• Make sure you feel your digestive system and wonder about it. Give some thoughts to how your body digests food and what you would do if you didn’t have such a wonderful thing in your body.
• When you are comfortable with your meditation, feel free to go back to the world around you. Feel refreshed.
• Don’t forget to ground and center and eat a small snack and get a small drink. You can feel your digestive system moving around when you do these things. Feel pleased with the world around you and inside of you.

Now you have worked with your opinionated side, your emotions, and your digestive system. Meditation is a wonderful thing, don’t you think? Feel the calm and know that you can always go back and work with your opinions with this meditation. Know that you can think back any time.



My name is Vyvyan Wormwood (not my real name but I'm sticking to it!). I am a Hedgewitch and an Oracle. I have always been spiritual but have been on my path since I was ten. I want to help people learn the various things that I have learned on the way.

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