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TPE: Nov Wk 3

Wk 3- November 16: Deity and the Divine – This will be the third week’s topic every month and an opportunity for you to share with everyone those who guide, inspire and inform you. Tell us about your favorite Warrior Deity.

So I am new to this writing prompt called The Pagan Experience. I decided that I want to do it late in the year, but since I only just started this blog I want to make sure I have content. So here we go.
The closest thing I have to a Warrior Deity is Hecate. She is not so much a deity that I can “lean” on, but instead is a deity that can teach me to stand on my own and have Her beside me or behind me. She is dark and brooding, but in Her own way is a firey presence. She rules various places, a place on earth, a place in the sea, and a place in the sky. She is the new moon, darkness to fill the void. She is the Witch Queen.
To me, She inspires me to be my own person. She inspires me to fight for my rights, and myself in general. This is how She is a Warrior Deity to me.
There were times when I was lost and I went to Her. I asked Her for the faith to hold on to my beliefs. She told me I could do it myself, if I just tried. She is like a strange concept; a hand on your shoulder and a hand to your throat. She is the Queen and we are Her subjects. In this way, we must learn to make our own ways or paths.
Sekhmet is a warrior deity that I have worked with a couple of times. I asked Her for the ability to stand up for myself when people challenge me. She is fierce, hard to handle. She is a true lioness. But this does not mean she is always fierce. She also has a caring side. As a lioness, She is also seen as a mother, and mothers protect their young, as She guides us. She will stand beside you in your times of need. She teaches you to take no shit.
These deities are ones that I have worked with, but I plan on working with others; I have tried to work with Kali before but I have not really committed to doing that just yet. I would like to experience the different Warrior Deities. I don’t usually work with deities, mostly spirits that are local. So this could be fun for me.

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Basic Affirmations and Rant

I have been working with my chakras for a while but have noticed that my chakras are actually very out of sorts. I have recently had someone confirm what I had feared; that my lower chakras are all blocked up and that my upper chakras are so open it could become very uncomfortable. My throat chakra is the most open of them all, meaning I talk too much without thinking about what is going to come out of my mouth before I say anything.
So now I am going to focus more on my spiritual practices. I want my chakras to be as balanced as I can get them to be. I have a few hurdles but that doesn’t matter much. I know I can do this if I set my mind and spirit to do such a thing. If I can do it, so can anyone else.
I have been practicing Qi Gong in the mornings before I do anything else for the day. It helps me get focused. I also have been doing my meditations more thoroughly, making sure I meditate at least one to two times a day. I feel meditation is key to good health. I plan to add some yoga to the mix to get some more healthy stuff in there. I want to be healthy and balanced, and I can’t be a good influence if I do not practice what I preach.
Something that is good for you is to do affirmations. I have affirmations I note in the mornings: “I am smart, beautiful, and talented. I will not do anything too quickly and will enjoy life.” All one has to do to start doing affirmations is to find a phrase or sentence or even many sentences that promote positive healing. Telling yourself that you will succeed will help you succeed. Positive thoughts begets positive energies heading your way.
I was introduced to affirmations when I was much younger. When I was younger, one of my affirmations was along the lines of becoming one with various spirit(s). I wanted to be more open. At the time, it was the universal spirit. Now that I am older I feel that I want to be more in touch with the land spirits that live around me or the other various spirits I come in contact with, such as my ancestor spirits.
You can create an affirmation for anything, but it has to be something that means something to you. I could give more examples, but I want you to come up with something on your own. I want you to feel the love of your affirmations in your body. This could come from your opinionative chakra, the solar plexus chakra (Manipura).
Make your day a great one. Be Well.

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Manipura– Solar Plexus

Colour—Yellow, Name—Manipura, Chakra- Solar Plexus
Here we have yellow, a happy and entertaining colour. Bright and joyous; it is related to the sunshine and brilliant days of summer. It is a hot heat, one that burns intensely. Yellow helps us deal with our emotions and opinions in a correct manner. We look to yellow to express those emotions and opinions in such a way that betters our lives. To deny yellow is to live a bleak life indeed. Without yellow, we have an extreme fear of failure.

I have often thought that without yellow we would be unable to deal with our failures. We need this bright colour to overcome our obstacles. Since chakra deals with the solar plexus and the digestive system. It deals with our pancreas, which is vital for our survivals. Without our pancreas, we would slowly be poisoned by our own bodies.

I work with my Manipura chakra by trying to figure out my opinions on things. I do not always have a proper opinion so I have a blocked Manipura chakra. My emotions are often very clouded so I have troubles with this chakra more than I do the others really. I also have many issues with my digestive system, things dealing with my liver (I have no gallbladder), that I have to take medication for. I am working towards the ability to go without medication for my liver and my entire digestive system as well.

If you find that you cannot voice your opinion, do not look to your throat chakra first. You should look at your solar plexus chakra and see if you have an opinion at all. This is where your base ideas are located and also where your ability to deal with situations with other people’s opinions surfaces. Once you can do this, you can find that voicing that opinion would be much easier for you.

et us meditate with Manipura:
• Ground and center
• Begin your breathing. Remember to shut down your body slowly as you did with the other meditations. Be slow with your body. You want to care for it well.
• Feel your solar plexus. Feel your digestive tract. You might want to hold your hand to your solar plexus area, which is located around the upper stomach area, in the upper abdomen just below the ribs.
• Feel a yellow glow from your upper abdomen area. Feel it move around your body into a spiral, spiraling out from your upper stomach.
• Feel around and see what thoughts come to you as your opinions. What do you think about life? What do you think about the sun? Do you think about the colour yellow positively? There are many things to feel at this point, but they are all up to you. You direct your consciousness.
• Make sure you feel your digestive system and wonder about it. Give some thoughts to how your body digests food and what you would do if you didn’t have such a wonderful thing in your body.
• When you are comfortable with your meditation, feel free to go back to the world around you. Feel refreshed.
• Don’t forget to ground and center and eat a small snack and get a small drink. You can feel your digestive system moving around when you do these things. Feel pleased with the world around you and inside of you.

Now you have worked with your opinionated side, your emotions, and your digestive system. Meditation is a wonderful thing, don’t you think? Feel the calm and know that you can always go back and work with your opinions with this meditation. Know that you can think back any time.

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Svadhisthana– Sacral Chakra

Chakra—Sacral Colour- Orange Name: Svadhisthana
Ahh, orange. What a lovely colour. A very emotional one, connected to the sacral chakra, also known as Svadhisthana. There are so many things that you can do at this level in your studies. This is a very loving center of the body. This chakra is based around the basics of relationship issues and possible confrontations. It is the emotional powerhouse of the chakra system.

Orange is important to balance if you want to balance the relationships you have in your life. It is the colour of creativity as well. One can tap into this chakra (svadhisthana) to become a more creative individual. It is really quite simple. Don’t forget that this chakra is also the chakra of reproduction. It is very sexual, and similar to Muladhara in its ability to be primal. Most of the lower chakras are very earthy and connected to our primitive natures.

I work with my sacral chakra in a way that so I feel my relationship with my boyfriend is in a good state. We communicate together and work with our sacral chakras to become more in tune with each other. This could involve a meditation, if you so choose, or just the communication aspect. Yes, I am aware we can have sex and it would benefit from this chakra, but I am not a very sexual person and neither is he. We save sex for special occasions or when we really need to connect. In other words, it means something to us deeply, and because of that, our Svadhisthana chakras are vibrating happily.

I went over the differences of “wanting” and “needing” and how that appeals to our chakras a little bit in the previous post. A want is a very frivolous thing indeed, but not always unfounded in a need. When one needs something, such as a relationship with another person or animal or some spirit of some kind, one works with the lower chakras. I see wanting more as something from the chakras that make it a little unbalanced. When we work with our needs, we become more in tune.

If you find that you have an addiction problem that needs to be handled, this is the chakra to work with. It helps to address the issue by talking it out with someone else. If you find you need to talk to someone and have no one, there are probably websites out there that let you talk about your addiction with someone else. I have a small group of friends that get together to talk about stuff and we talk it out together. It’s sort of like a family. Everyone needs a family. If you find that your addiction problem is too hard to handle, please seek professional treatment. This could be a psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, minister, priest, priestess, etc. As long as they are willing to help you out in the long run, this is where you need to be going. I, myself, am a priestess/minister and am willing to talk things out with people. If you find you are in need of help of some kind, please don’t hesitate to ask me questions.

Let us meditate with Svadhisthana:
• Ground and center
• Begin breathing rhythmically, from the lower stomach. We want to FEEL the sacral chakra area moving and flowing, vibrating with its spiral power. Do as you did with Muladhara, moving from one part of the body to another part of the body slowly, letting them shut down and relax.
• Let your mind wander whichever way that you wish. Remember to be mindful with your thoughts. Let things flow into your mind and out, acknowledging them and letting them be for the moment, knowing that you will come back to it at a later time (such as after your meditation).
• Feel and visualize an orange glow around the lower area of your stomach. Not too high up because then we would be encroaching on our solar plexus’s territory. Feel the spiral of that chakra spinning and humming with power. You are becoming more connected with thoughts about relationships, your sexuality, and your base emotions.
• Now, when you feel like you are comfortable with the energy you have been working with; begin to get back in touch with your body. You can un-relax if you so choose, but it is best to not push it too much. You want to be comfortable, but not too tense. Meditations should feel good, not stressful. That is the goal of a meditation.
• Ground and center. You don’t want to be walking around with too much of this energy. You want to feel good, not too exuberant. You want the perfect amount of emotions.
• Get a small snack and something to drink to keep your sugar up if you need it, or just in general. It is always best to have some kind of snack and drink to keep your energy pure. I like to have a small bit of fruit and some organic fruit juice (I like to refer to myself as a part-time vegetarian. I don’t eat beef or pork and chicken and turkey kind of freak me out, but I like seafood sometimes. I do occasionally enjoy a steak and bacon though. Those two things are very endearing to me. Anyways…).
So not only have you meditated on your emotional stability chakra, you know a little more about me. Ha-ha. I would like it for you to work with this chakra often, and make sure it doesn’t get out of control. To be honest, it is best to work with all the chakras often to know how you feel and keep yourself in check.