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Samhain: the Witch’s New Year
Samhain is a very important time of year for witches. We celebrate our new year this day and many of us see it to be a good time to do various works. Samhain is the day that the veil is the thinnest, and it is easiest to talk or communicate with spirits and things. I’m not saying it’s good to talk to demons or anything, but it is possible. I just don’t really condone it in my own practice. I do not work with demons. But that is another story entirely.

Spirits are always around (I’ve heard some joke that we constantly have ghost butts on us). There are many types of spirits. Spirits of the place (genius loci), and spirits of people and animals and things that have been there. There are also residual spirits. I’m not a spirit expert, but I have a friend who can talk with them more freely. We’ve had very interesting discussions and she has always said that once the gate is open, it can be overwhelming (and annoying, since some spirits just want to screw around. Spirits have senses of humor, too, you know?).

To appease the spirits is a very good thing to do. The best way to find what a spirit wants is to do a meditation with the spirit in mind. Usually we leave gifts or offerings for the spirits. If you are able to, leave some alcohol or the drink of the spirits choice, and some cakes or the food of the spirits choice. This is very important, as spirits are like people, and we should “always do right” (unless of course you are a chaote, which means “always do whatever is more interesting and will keep you entertained.”).

I use honey as an offering when I do not have anything else to offer. I put some of my energy into the offering and say a small prayer or chant to the spirit and spill a little or ingest in their honor for them. Usually spilling a little is best. I spill outside so that the insects and living nature can absorb or ingest for the spirit.

It is also fun to do a feast of the dead for your spirits. This means setting the table for you and whoever is with you and leaving a place for the spirits that you wish to call to you. This is partially a ritual and should be taken as a ritual, possibly with quarter calls and the like.
It is possible to introduce Halloween practices into your Samhain practices. For example, you could leave candy for the spirits. You could even have a pumpkin that you carved onto your altar for this lovely holiday. Jack-o-lanterns/carved pumpkins used to be carved out of turnips back in the earlier years of things. This was to deter spirits from taking the souls of the people in the home and keep them safe while giving them something to be distracted by. Costumes could also come into play because this is a way we become one or invoke some of the spirits that we would like to have come to us or if they like that sort of thing. Personally, I have an Aphrodite/Goddess costume that I like to wear when I am working with Grecian deities. It leads to a little bit of drama in the ritual that you are performing.

Skulls of any sort are welcomed freely during this time, as sometimes there are spirits riding along with these things. One never knows. (This does not include plastic skulls usually, since those are manufactured and not bred.) The skull is a very prominent item in this time of year, since it represents the dead/deceased.

In Celtic lore and most common pagan societies, Samhain is considered the pagan New Year. This is the time of the year that the God takes the spirits on “The Wild Hunt” and the Goddess is slowly turning into the Crone from the Mother aspect of her triple goddess aspects. They both rule in the underworld in this time.

If you have any questions about Samhain or something please let me know and I will try to explain in some manner. I love to answer questions and share my learning. Knowledge is power after all.

Happy Samhain Everyone,
-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Root Chakra/ Muladhara

Chakra: Root- Colour: Red- Name: Muladhara
Red is a very feisty colour for many reasons. It is the colour of the Base/Root Chakra, also known as Muladhara. It is a masculine energy. The best way to work with the Root Chakra is to find what sort of things that you need for survival, your “base needs”, and try to keep up with those. For example, I need food to survive, therefore I should find some good way to get food. This can be through a job, from a shelter, or even from a food pantry. It would be considered “wrong” to steal food just to get by. There is always another way, you just have to find the way to do it.

Red is the colour of sexuality. This is one of the main reasons this is a feisty colour. Sexuality doesn’t have to mean sex all the time. It can mean lust or it can mean love. Most of the time it means lust and there is another chakra that means more love energy. You don’t have to have sex to express your Root Chakra. One can work with candle magic (red candles) or some incenses (some say patchouli is a good oil to work with).

I personally experience the Root Chakra from the hunger side of things. I have a food addiction and I worry that my Root Chakra is unaligned. I haven’t gone to a reiki practitioner before but I have heard from many people my lower chakras are very messed up and that my Throat Chakra is very large in place of those (more on that in later posts).

It’s fun to work with the chakras. You just need to find out what it is you really “need” and not what you “want.” These can become very confusing. I suggest meditating on the various things you think you need and want.

To meditate on the Root Chakra:

• Ground and center
• Begin breathing deeply, from the stomach, as this is where the Root Chakra lives. Be careful with your breathing. You are going to want to put your hand over your stomach and chest if necessary to make sure you are breathing from your abdominal muscles and not your chest. You will do this for about five to ten minutes, depending on how fast you are able to get into a relaxed state. You will tell yourself to slowly turn off the tightness of your muscles, one by one. For example: Tell your toes to relax and feel them just relax as your thoughts. Then move to the foot itself; Relax the foot and feel it relax until you know that you are full prepared. Move your way up the body in this manner until you are finally above your head and you are completely relaxed. If you have to re-relax a body part, don’t feel bad. We all have that problem at some point.
• Let your mind wander in whichever way you prefer. Allow thoughts to come to you and address them in a manner that you will come back to that thought. This is a very complicated task. You don’t have to get your mind “clear,” just able to concentrate on what needs to be concentrated on.
• Imagine a red glow from the bottom of your body; your feet all the way up to your genitalia area. Your Root Chakra is based right in that area. Feel that colour wash all over you. Feel the passion from this colour, the lust, the base survival instinct, the need to eat and drink, the need to have a roof over your head for safety reasons. Let this all sink in and ponder these things while you are meditating.
• When you feel you are good with this experience (you should use your gut feeling to know when this is ready. Your gut will always know best. “Your heart is blind, your mind is stupid, but your gut will always be honest” I always say) you will want to come out of your meditative state. To do so, start to wake your body up in the opposite manner of how you put yourself under. You will think something along the lines of “Wake up scalp” and feel your scalp slowly waking up.
• Make sure you ground and center the excess energy. You do not want to be carrying things around with you too much. But DO enjoy the feelings you have received and thank your Root Chakra for this love.
• After waking up, make sure you have a small snack and drink, most preferably with natural or organic properties as these will benefit you best, and enjoy the feelings you are having. I like to have a piece of fruit and some organic juices when I meditate.

I will explain in more detail some things in other blog posts. But for now, I want you to enjoy the feelings/vibes you get from our survival chakra.

Here’s to working with Muladhara!,
-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Grounding and Centering Basics

Grounding and Centering:

Grounding and centering are two of the most basic things to do in the energetic sort of manner. I say it is one of the most vital. If one does not ground and center regularly, energy can become stagnant and foul, giving you negative energy or bad karma. I find grounding and centering to be key when working with any energy, ritual work, or spell work.

Here is how to ground and center:

• Stand or sit in a comfortable position. The best way to do this is barefoot outdoors (at least, that’s how I like to do it). You do not have to be outdoors and you do not have to be barefoot, but those help immensely.
• Feel the energy around your body. Feel the earth beneath your feet and the sky above your head. Take your time and just feel.
• Imagine energy from the earth entering your body and swirling in with your core of your body, somewhere in the center of your abdominal muscles and heart area. Feel the energy wash away your negativity as it goes through your body. This is the part of grounding and centering that is called grounding. They are two different things.
• Now imagine that energy flowing from your core and body and slowly moving into the earth. As it moves into the earth, feel that energy just dissipating into earth and so it become part of the earth itself. Energy is interesting in that you can have so much of it, but it cannot be created, it can only be rearranged. Energy is as finite as the universe is, which may be infinite. No one knows.
• Now feel your energy in your core tighten up and become your body once more. This is the part of it that is centering. Feel the energy flowing fluidly through your chakras up and down your spine and around your body. Feel energized.

Now you know about grounding and centering. Hopefully this helps. I find it helpful to ground before and after a ritual because one can cause energetic burnout in one’s body when people do not think about it. I have forgotten to ground and center once after a ritual and felt extremely worn down the next day without realizing why. I looked back on my ritual and realized that I needed to fix that problem so I grounded and centered. I immediately felt loads better.

This is also something you can do when you are not feeling well or are stressed out. It helps get the negative energy flowing out of your body and into the earth where it can regenerate into more positive energies into the trees and whatnot. Energy is an amazing thing like that.

Here’s to good health, less stress, and ritual/spell safety,
-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Hello all. My name is Vyvyan Wormwood. I am a Hedgewitch and an “Oracle”. I follow a very Green path. I am hoping that with this blog I will be able to share some of the things that I have learned over the years. A few people I know want me to share some of it and I didn’t think it would be a bad thing. Knowledge is power after all.

I will be starting to write blog posts for this page soon but I don’t put myself onto a time limit. I’d say I’m a free spirit but the truth is that I’m just kinda lazy. (ha ha)

If you have any questions as I go along, feel free to shoot me a message somewhere. I am always happy to address questions and things from people who are interested and will do the footwork.

Darkest blessings,

-Vyvyan Wormwood