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Monday Musings + Prompt +Motivation

Good evening my little Tarot Tots. It’s your Auntie Vyv!

The Daily Card by Mystic Mondays Tarot: “Temperance 14”

I’m using a writing prompt from Nature Bound Pagan today to just kind of muse and journal on here. You can find those prompts they make on here.

The prompt for today 11.16.2020 is: “How can I be grateful for negative events in my life?”

I am just kind of thinking about negativity and how I can be thankful. I am grateful for them for helping me become the humanoid being that I am today. I’ve managed to survive through the hell that I had dealt with as a child and even some of my adult life. I’ve had to cut people out of my life, like some of my extended family. They were negative about the ways that I am the way that I am. How can you love me if you can’t love the various parts?

I have friends now who I count as my extended family, and someof them I even count as my actual family. You can often hear me talking about my friends, Rose, Luna, and Panda. These three humanoid beings are beings in my digital coven. I am such good friends with them that we consider eah other family. We take care of each other. We do what we can to be there for each other through thick and thin. It’s nice to have them around, even the days we’ve had where we were fighting for some reason or another (and I guarantee that i was one of the instigator a majority of the time!!)!

I own my mistakes. Today, the Monday motivational card by Mystic Mondays Tarot is Temperance, and I think that that is kind of funny because that is the card that I use to represent myself when I’m reading for people. I consider myself an agent of change, and that is what I consider most tarot readers and psychics and things to be. We see and do things that people do not do and we can change the ways people live their lives. Not everyone changes themselves and it’s important for us to realize that we can’t change everyone and we can’t force anyone to change. This goes for anyone really.

I’m thankful for the negative experiences in my life because I have lived through them. How do they feel to you? Have your experiences changed who you are? I am sure they have. Let’s see what kind of things changed you in the comments if you want.

The thing that changed me the most was my father’s attitude. Because of his usual mood, I find myself being the kind of person that anyone can come to and talk to. He was never that person for me. My mother was always that person. I consider my mother to be like some kind of saint, but she has her flaws as well. My father would yell at us all the time about a variety of things so I don’t really like yelling or raising my voice. I will never raise my voice to someone I’m mad at. If I am mad, I find that I can use my words to discuss what needs changing. This is one of the reasons and ways that I am thankful for that negativity to change me.

How have you changed?

Lots of Love,
Aunt Vyvyan
The Wormwood Oracle

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Weekend Forecast: Friday the 13th Edition!

Greetings and salutations Tarot Tots!!

This week we are using The Robin Wood Tarot by Robin Wood

How are we doing my little Tarot Tots? Today was Friday the 13th, an ominous day in the history of superstitions. 2020 AND Friday the 13th? What a combination! But mine was actually pretty decent. I got a lot of things done and I’m even motivated.

Speaking of motivation, did you know that Mars went Direct astrologically today? If you’d like to read some more information on Mars going direct and the retrograde, feel free to hit up one of my favorite little blogs at Cafe Astrology. They always have a lot of fun little tidbits for you to check out. I highly suggest them.

Let’s get started. This week we’re using the Robin Wood tarot, which is an absolute classic!! Great for a green witch but excellent for any other reader as well, no matter the practice.

9 The Hermit (upright)–
(keywords: solitary, meditation, introspection)- It’s always good to spend some time with your thoughts and now is the time to do so. I’ve personally been looking into the practice of Hygge and this is a great thing for you to try out at this time. It’s autumn, the world is crazy, and you’ve got your family (in whatever aspect you have it). It’s time to come together and live in a hyggeligt manner. Why do you think the Danes are among the happiest in the world? For some insight: Visit Hygge-Life

8 of Pentacles (upright)–
(keywords: learning, creation, ingenuity)– Today the thoughts you should spend some time with are things that are about education in some way shape or form. Maybe you should spend some time on a hobby that you hadn’t done before or maybe something that you haven’t done in a long time. It’s time to get some rest and relaxation in this weekend and you’re going to get that done!

9 of Cups (reversed)–
(keywords: “party hearty”, lack of fun, smug)– We’re spending time with ourselves today and it might affect us in a way that may be difficult. It’s not hard to get into a slump, so don’t panic. You can always stop and pick up the pieces tomorrow. Use today for rest and relaxation. Practice something that makes you feel good or pleasurable. Make sure you don’t overdo it though, of course.

17 the Star (upright)–
(keywords: hope, faith, mastery)- It’s clear that the weekend was NOT a total bust. You got some things down and hopefully you’re down to try another week. You’re ready for the upcoming week. I am proud of you. Spend today de-stressing just one more day. It’s good to sometimes take those moments away from the world. Have hope that things will be better and maybe watch a movie or read a book. Might as well do something educational in the process.

That’s it for this weekend. Auntie Vyvyan Loves you.
-Vyvyan Wormwood
The Wormwood Oracle

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Weekend Forecast 11.6-11.8.2020

Greetings and Salutations my little Tarot Tots!!!

This Week’s deck is the Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle

The past few weeks have been difficult for everyone. It’s nice to see we’re all still around to keep up with this sort of thing. But, this is one of those things that tends to happen as Mercury is in Retrograde and ends up finally going back to being direct. I hope it didn’t treat you too badly. It was around for what felt like ages, even if it wasn’t.

And of course a 2020 Mercury Retrograde really has to go out with a bang. The people who live in my state in the United States were out of power (and some still are) this past week and now it’s finally coming back on just today! Like I said, some of the people here are still without power. Crazy, right? Gotta love Oklahoma weather.

My husband and I had to have our car towed out of our own driveway!!! It was pretty crazy. Our driveway is almost purely mud so it’s hard for us to get it back out of there sometimes, but we’ve never had to tow it out yet. Our car got stuck up to the frame.

Let’s get on with this weekend’s forecast (makes no sense when I call them a forecast when I typically post them ON Fridays. ha ha):

The World (Upright)
(keywords- harmony, enlightenment, self-love): This weekend is a time to relax before this upcoming holiday season. There is so much just general crap that you are going to have to deal with this year, we all are, but it’s important to take care of your self-care as soon as you can, as often as you can. YOU matter. And it’s like they say, “Healer, heal thyself.”

FRIDAY 11.6.2020
The Hierophant (Upright
)– (keywords- studious, scholarly, diligent): Today you should start your self care routine finding and getting in touch with like-minded individuals. Mayhaps you should check out the local book store? It will provide you with the confidence to get on with the rest of your weekend.

SATURDAY 11.7.2020
Five of Swords (Reversed)–
(keywords- anger, consequences, regret): This card isn’t always one of the better ones to come up with the keywords that I’ve got on there, but when its reversed, that’s actually a lot better. It’s good to see your mood is ACTUALLY IMPROVING. Don’t let the world get you down today. There’s a lot going on and you need to focus on yourself. This card is showing a lack of that, and it’s where you need to be. Just be careful not to focus too much. That’d be a damn shame.

SUNDAY 11.8.2020
Five of Cups (Reversed)–
(keywords- defeat, sadness, mourning): Yet another five, and these are some harsh cards…. but once again you’ve got it in reverse! This doesn’t get rid of all of the things that you should be mourning. Our way of life has changed so much this year. I think it’s just hitting us extra hard today. For a fun self care tip, do something physical today! It’s good to get out in the garden, maybe even just a potted plant, or maybe you just want to look at plants online! Plants are our natural allies. They give us the oxygen we need when we’re stressing out. Hell, we basically ARE just complex plants. Have you seen those cool “plant speak” bots they’ve made to translate their “brainwaves?” Pretty nifty if you ask me.

It’s a good plan to get some journaling done this weekend if you can as well. I love journaling personally, but I spend so much time doing everything else I almost never have time for it. We just have to find or make time for ourselves in the middle of our busy and hectic lives to do the things we enjoy (besides tarot, obviously).

In Darkness and Light
-Vyvyan Wormwood
The Wormwood Oracle

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When It Calls…. Or Screams

“Grace” Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Moseley

Hi there Tarot Tots.

Today is going to be something different. Lately, I have been having issues reading my cards and it’s been very difficult for me to get just the right thing. I haven’t felt as inspired, lacked motivation, and just generally was a slug.

Over the past eight months (approximately), I have been having the same or similar cards show up in readings for myself over and over. No matter what deck I use I get the same general reading for myself. It has been a solid scream of “You need to do something about THIS.” I have been repressing so much of my past that it’s at the point where I literally cannot remember anything. Every little thing that bothers me, I repress, and eventually I am going to blow.

So, today we are all having a lesson from my “stubborn as hibernating bear” life. Things are not always good. Things are not always the way we want them to be. We need to learn from my mistakes. Don’t repress things… you’ll eventually blow and this is, as we all know, not ideal.

I am going to try to do something new. I don’t really journal, but I have been wanting to. My friends suggest it all the time. They tell me that I need to get my thoughts out there. Into something. Somewhere besides just in my head, seething. So I will start journaling tonight before I go to bed. I think maybe if I journal in the morning when I wake up as well might be a little bit pushing it but I would love to keep a dream journal maybe. Let’s just start small.

I’m going to also try to type something positive into my Twitter account at least once a day as a type of gratitude journal exercise. Positivity is good, but I need to learn to let things go. I’ll also be posting things I need to stop holding on to.

The card that I pulled above is from a deck called the “Vintage Wisdom Oracle” by Victoria Moseley. The card is “Grace.” It has many meanings but it basically is telling me that I need to accept the world with “grace and dignity.” I need to stop repressing the things that bother me and actually get them out there.

I am taking steps. Are you?

Vyvyan Wormwood
The Wormwood Oracle

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Weekend Forecast 10.2-10.4.2020

Weekend Reading Theme and Days

Greetings my little Tarot Tots!

It’s good to see you again. Recently, I have been catching up with old friends. It’s actually been kind of nice with what has been going on in the world. There are so many things to keep up with between friends, but you kind of lose track of people sometimes. I’m also in the process of coloring my hair! This way I can have actual green hair. I’m doing it in an ombre where it’s black on top and green at the bottom. It’s a fun combination and I don’t have to wear my green wig to keep up with all of you!

This weekend is going to be fun, it’s the first weekend of Halloween. It’s spooky month of course! I’m going to see if I cna come up with something special this month instead of just my usual weekend forecasts. I know they are fun but I would love to kind of talk with you guys some more.

Anyway, let’s get into the reading for this weekend shall well? I am using the Vintage Wisdom Oracle for the theme card this weekend and I am using the Star Spinner Tarot for the days this weekend. I hope you enjoy.

Let’s do this thing!

(keywords: insight, new, beginning, intuition, rebirth): This weekend is a weekend of magic. The full moon being on the first of this month and a blue moon later in the month on halloween. It’s going to be fun. There are things you will have to do of course this weekend. We’re going to see further what is going to happen, as usual. You might experience a sort of rebirth of sorts in our mannerisms. You will find something in yourself this weekend that needs changing. One again I will refer you to doing some shadow work for yourself, or check out some different options on how to help change the things you can in yourself for the better.

FRIDAY 10.2.2020:
9 of Chalices (Upright)
(Keywords- contentment, fulfillment, wish, enjoyment, pleasure): Today is the day of changes beginning. You may note something about how you act emotionally, or maybe respond emotionally. It’s something you usually dance around, but this is life. Pay attention to this thing, as it will affect your relationships in some way. Be it negative or positive is up to you.

SATURDAY 10.3.2020:
King of Chalices (Upright)
— (Keywords- kindly mature person, mastery of love, wisdom, support): I see this as a relationship of some type going on today. Honestly this seems like a fraternal kind of person or masculine presenting. Do you have someone in your life who presents masculine and gives you really great advice? Listen to them~! Meditate on the life lessons that they have to teach you. Maybe reach out if you don’t have one. Hell, even a female presenting person who has something to teach you as well. It’s not really something that’s confined by gender, just something that one would normally see from the stereotype of a masculine presenting humanoid.

SUNDAY 10.4.2020:
Page of Swords (Upright)
— (Keywords- intelligent young person, important message, detachment, cunning): Today you’re going to learn something from a different person, or maybe the kid of the person from the day before? There are so many variables here. I see this card as something you should learn from our inner child. Look deep inside and maybe do something you used to find joy in that you may not remember feeling joy in. Life is too short to get burned out. You need to have fun. Perhaps a coloring page would be good? Personally I love to color and draw. It’s not something that takes a lot of time if you don’t want it to, it is relaxing, and it helps get the creative juices flowing. Sundays are a really great day for that sort of thing. You can find some really neat little printable coloring pages at (I have no affiliation with this site, I just thought the pictures were neat and you guys would like them! Who doesn’t love nifty magical creature pictures?)

I would love to see what kind of things you come up with or ideas that you think will help others. Leave me a comment and we can have a conversation about it! What gets your inner child going?

There’s going to be more to do this weekend to get you started on your journey. I think I may compile some information on going through a year of shadow work after this month is over, as Halloween/Samhain is considered a sort of new year for witches. What do you think? I can add that to my weekly information? I’m not sure. I’ve been mulling things over. Get out there and do some fun stuff. Don’t let yourself get burn out. It’s hard to do, but perhaps you should take a break?

Much love from Auntie,
-Vyvyan Wormwood

The Wormwood Oracle

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Weekend Forecast 9.11-9.13.2020

Using the New Wave Tarot deck today for funsies.

Greetings my little Tarot Tots!

It’s good to see you again! I decided to work with the New Wave Tarot deck today. It’s always nice to try something else for a change. The reason I really like this deck is becuase there is a lot of goth and 80s musicians that are super cool! Like for example the strength card (pictured above actually) has a really cool image of Grace Jones on it. If you don’t know who Grace Jones is, you should definitely look her up. My favorite thing she did was Warm Leatherette.

I’m writing this as I have Soft Cell performing “Where did our love go?” plays in the background. It’s nice to really get into something while you do your tarot readings. Maybe I’ll talk about that some time. “Where did our love go” is one of my favorite Soft Cell songs. I know it’s pretty stereotypical but it’s just so damn good!!!

So what is your favorite New Wave song or band? Let’s get into the reading!

Lovers (Robert Smith and Mary Poole)(Upright
)- (keywords: sex, trust, passion): The theme for this weekend is going to be self-love. You are going to want to do something or some things (or maybe even some ONE) to help you get through this weekend. It’s going to be an intense love session this weekend. Can you imagine all of the fun things you are missing out on because you are just so down on yourself? There’s so much you can do to get back to wearing your positive shoes and lace those bitches up and walk in them.

Friday 9.11.2020:
Heirophant (Nick Cave) (Upright)
(keywords- tradition, knowledge): This card is based on Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and one of their most popular songs is “Red Right Hand.” Following this song you can see that there are ways to get into someone’s life somehow. The keywords to this card are tradition and knowledge and you can really feel that in “Red Right Hand.” The lyrics “he’ll reach deep in the hole/heal your shrinking soull/but there won’t be a single thing you can do” Show that there might be an outside source showing you how to love. If this is your self-love that you are trying to focus on (which you should of course) consider possibly a higher power. Hell, music in itself is a higher power and you should maybe just dance. There are tons of livestreams you can watch on the weekends that stream music just for you! My favorite is my local club’s Dark Dancing. You can find them at and maybe check out the stream tonight. You can find the twitch url through

Saturday 9.12.2020:
Nine of Wands (Erasure) (Reversed)
(Keywords- Courage, Resilience): One of Erasure’s most popular songs is the song “Oh L’amour” which is obviously a love song. It’s nice to see a theme actually running through the cards like this. This song is about an almost unrequited love. Do you have something like this? Perhaps it has to do with being sort of unable to love yourself? It’s time to do something to make it easier for you to love yourself. Take some time and really think about things you love about yourself. Write down at least one positive thing about yourself a day. I think that that kind of thing actually helps you when you’re feeling down.

Sunday 9.13.2020:
Strength (Grace Jones) (Reversed)-
(keywords- balance, courage): Is there anyone who is more in touch with who they are then Grace Jones? She’s an absolutely amazing human being. She’s a singer, a song writer, even an actress. I’m always amazed at her strength. So now it’s your turn. Be creative and have the courage to give yourself the love you need. I feel like now it’s time to look into the physical realm of things that you love about yourself. Don’t forget to write down your one positive thing today!

You’ve been great this weekend. You can do this! There is so much you can do to care for yourself. Face masks, bubble baths, all that stuff. BUT. You can even do things like read your favorite book, play your favorite game, eat your favorite food. Do something that means a lot to yourself.

Lots of love,
-Vyvyan Wormwood
Everyone’s favorite gothic auntie

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Weekend Forecast 8.21-8.23.2020

Greetings Tarot Tots!!! It’s me, your favorite gothic auntie, Vyv!!

It’s the weekend again and I’m feeling very mushroomy with my fabric background today! The theme card of the week is looking a bit ominous but I think we can probably make it a good weekend nonetheless. We are using The Otherkin Tarot by Siolo Thompson once again if you are curious about the deck I am using today (and I’ve used it a few other times and will probably use it more). Let’s get to reading!

Theme Card:
Two of Swords (Upright)-
(keywords- willful blindness, indecision, denial, self-deception, stalemate, avoidance): So the theme for this week is an inability to see the issues that you have around you or maybe even within you. In the long run, the ability to avoid things like you are currently doing is going to be counterproductive, so this weekend may be some time to work on some shadow work. We’re in the process of waxing back to the full moon so it’s good to work on things that will end up positive in the long run, which could be shadow work. The ultimate goal of shadow work is to better oneself after all.

FRIDAY 8.21.2020:
Eight of Cups (Upright
)- (keywords- moving on, travel, new ideas, severing ties, change, leaving, adventure): This selkie is a representation that even though you are leaving your comfort zone, you are not alone. You are not happy in your current situation and you are looking for a new change. It’s not hard to see where you are needing to be at this point, you just haven’t moved on. It could take more than just this weekend to really move beyond this, but this is the beginning of a new start.

SATURDAY 8.22.2020:
Queen of Swords (Reverse)
(keywords- fairness, good judgement, intelligence, independence, insight, reliability): to quote the book itself “your happiness is your responsibility– never give that power away.” It is important to realize that at this point in time you are the one who has your best interests at heart. You a strong independent person who don’t need nobody else! It’s time to straighten up your spine and look at the situation. There are things you can do to make yourself happier; like a new or old hobby or something like that. Maybe read a positive book or blog. Watch a fun video on something completely silly. Try one of those “Try not to react” videos on TikTok. Who knows? You do! YOU are in control of your happiness. Don’t let yourself or others rain on your parade! My goal for you this Saturday is to write something positive about your life that you take for granted, your home, a meal, etc. Just write down something. Write something you are good at! You are good at something!! Everyone is! You just need to apply yourself.

SUNDAY 8.23.2020:
The Empress (Reverse)
(keywords- matriarchy, power, strength, fertility, creativity, passion, abundance, children, motherhood, prosperity): There is more to your inner child this weekend than there is to your motherly senses. Your inner child craves attention or perhaps someone else’s inner child is demanding your attention. It’s hard to really see which of this there is to see. For one thing, you are losing your ability to lead in a way that is empathetic. You are being cold and callous and you need to learn how to focus your energy to work properly with the upcoming week. The point of the Sunday card is for you to get energy for what your next week will be looking like. To me, it look like we need to step into the boss position and rock our jobs, lives, etc.. You can do a lot, but after this weekend you are very drained. Take today to give yourself a little self-care or self-love. It’s sad how much self-care is shown in a light that is almost anti-motherly, things like a nice cup of coffee or tea in the morning is neglected by those in a motherly position just because they have no time. Please try to fit some time in, even if you have to keep warming your cup up in the microwave today. 😉

It’s going to be a crazy weekend and the next week is going to be nuts as always guys. Let’s all work together to become better and do our best.

-Aunt Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend Forecast 8.14-8.16.2020

Greetings my little Tarot Tots!

This week, we are using The Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle. I’m going to go straight into this one because I’ve got a jumper card from this already! Let’s see what the reading is and what this has to do with it.

The Theme:
Knight of Swords (Upright
): (keywords– opinionated, self-assured, confidence): This weekend we are so confident it might actually hurt us. It looks like we’re going to see how this goes. Have you considered what you are doing is not the path for you but maybe something else? Let’s see where this goes. There are decisions to be made!

Five of Wands (Reversed
): (keywords– strength, winning, consequences, focus, possible regret): There is a lack of communication in your life right now, and it’s hard for you to deal with the people around you. The events that you are engaging in are rigged in your favor, but someone has found out. It’s time for you to be honest and own up to your mistakes. You can do so much if you just let yourself.

The Moon (Reversed)
: (keywords– imagination, restless, weird, wild, spontaneous, instincts, illusions): Darkness is coming, but it’s not here yet. Perhaps you should plan for the new moon that is coming upon the nineteenth (8.19.2020). Plan ahead and you will not be let down. Shadow work is important to us as human beings. We need to learn how to become better people and what better way to know ourselves then this. I do have to say that you may not even be ready yet; this card is a reversal! Personally, I think that you should be preparing yourself so that someday you CAN be ready. It’s a lot to think about.

Six of Wands (Upright):
(keywords–victory, rewards, accomplishment, success, ego boost): Cards that are number six are cards seen as a “resolution” card. The six of wands is a card that is considered a victory card; so it’s time to celebrate! Perhaps the planning that you did yesterday is something that you are very proud of. You should receive your praise gracefully; do not let it go to your head. The reason that we do shadow work in the first place is so that we can know how to do things in our lives better. You’re going to want to accept those praises as “Thank you”s instead of “Of course”s. Try to return whatever compliment that you received to the person who gave it to you, you’ll thank me!

Five of Pentacles (Upright):
(keywords– help, struggle, storm, issues, trouble): Here’s the rundown, this card is saying that you’re going to have to actually follow through with your shadow work. Be prepared to struggle and strain with the different things you are doing. You may not even want to do it in the first place. I find that dealing with my depression head on is something that helps me out the most.

So it looks like this weekend is going to be getting ready for the upcoming week. Be prepared to deal with your depression and mental health head on. Find some way to reward yourself! You deserve to be loved. Even if it’s just some kind of affirmation, there are things youc an do to help.

Your Auntie loves you.

-Vyvyan Wormwood
The Wormwood Oracle

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Weekend Forecast 8.7-8.9.2020

Greetings my little Tarot Tots!

It’s time for another weekend forecast! Today we are using the Otherkin Tarot by Siolo Thompson. This is a deck that I received for my birthday this year and I have absolutely fell in love with it. The artwork is beautiful and it’s ability to hit the nail on the head has really grown on me as well.

Let’s get to the bones of this reading:

Justice (Upright
)– (keywords: law, karma, fairness, justice, honesty, balance, reason, consequences): Our weekend this week is all about things working out the way they should. There are reasons for everything. Everything has an equal and opposite reaction I suppose. Is there a big decision in your life that you will be going over this weekend? Let’s look at the next three cards and see what it is that we have to unpack.

Friday Card 8.7.2020:
The High Priestess (Upright)
(keywords: intuition, the subconscious, magic, feeling, rituals, dreams, symbols): This is important! Trust your gut! I always say: “Your brain is dumb and your heart is stupid, but you can always trust your gut!” When I say gut, I obviously mean intuition. The high priestess is a master of intuition and she is trying to share it with you at this time. It looks like the decision making you’ll be making on this part of the weekend is going to be one you KNOW one hundred percent what it is. You know all the who, what, where, when, why, and even the how; you just need to get motivated to get there! Boy don’t I know it!!!

Saturday Card 8.8.2020:
The Page of Pentacles (Upright)
(keywords: investment, study, future planning, prosperity, good luck, new ventures, pregnancy): This young Page is here to help you get your future set up. You’ve made your decision (FINALLY) and now you need to get yourself on the right track. This seems like some form of physical/material decision you made yesterday. I wonder what kind of thing you decided on. You know it’s always a good time to start making lists? It’s a wonderful way to do some self-care to ease your mind. I find lists help me immensely every day! I even make multiple lists a day to sort things out. Looks like it’s up to you to do the same as well!!

Sunday Card 8.9.2020:
King of Cups (Upright)–
(keywords: authority, fairness, clear vision, maturity, intelligence, leadership): You are ROCKING this weekend. I can’t believe how good you are doing? This person is telling you that you have a lot of experience to back you up in your decision. This King is a master of being authoritative for all the right reasons. They’re a mature card and may be someone of experience who is here to help you. Of course, being a court card one normally assumes gender, right? No, this is NOT SO! Your King could be male, female, everything, nothing, or something in between! There are no limits! This person is going to make sure you know what you are doing and will help you in your goals. Consider them a lifeline, a mentor, or maybe a teacher. All people are teachers to us in some way, and all the lessons are so vastly different. Please sit down and listen to what they have to say to you!

In Summation:
It looks like this weekend’s decision making sessions are going to go great for us. For our self care this weekend, we need to stop, listen, and think. It will be good for our minds. Try finding something that will inspire you to come up with the right decisions. Maybe start an art project that you can really get behind. Don’t worry if you don’t believe you can; You CAN. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and even the largest mountain started off as a hill of dirt and the widest ocean was but a small puddle. You can do this. Center yourself and begin!

I’m rooting for you folx, Tarot Tots!!!
Much love,

-Aunt Vyvyan Wormwood
The Wormwood Oracle

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Weekend Forecast 7.31.2020-8.2.2020

Greetings Tarot Tots!!!! It’s nice to see you again!!

I have been having a hard time making sure I post, so please bare with me as I figure things out. There are a lot of things that I need to do to get straightened out.

This week I am using the Otherkin Tarot by Siolo Thompson for my reading. This deck is very interesting and I love the artwork. I will probably do a deck review at some point when I get more acquainted with the deck itself. Look forward to that hopefully.

Now onto the meat of the messages here. I am using the top card to talk about the type of self-care that you should be pursuing this weekend.

Five of Swords (Reversed)–
(keywords: conflict, tension, disagreements, inflexibility, compromise, isolation, defeat) Are you trying to fight with others about you being right, and somehow had a victory in this, but it just feels so empty? Just not even worth it? You could be fighting with your coworkers, family, lover, etc. and you just don’t feel like it was a really big win, even though you had originally thought it to be that way? You could be ready for the fight/battle/disagreement to just END. It’s messing with you and you really should just stop and give yourself some time. Friday is a day of healing. Take some time to break up those fights yourself and just stop being negative.

Five of Pentacles (Upright)-
(keywords: hardship, loss, poverty, set backs, charity, unemployment, injury, health issues) It looks like the fight from yesterday is still on. Your relationship seems a bit tenuous at the moment. I am unsure at this time if you are supposed to be “fixing” your relationship at this time, but please do keep it on your mind. Having bad relationships isn’t fun for anyone. Another thing is your health. Please keep that in your thoughts today as well. I am not a doctor, but please use common sense and good hygiene practices, as this will help you in some fashion.

Knight of Swords (Upright)– (keywords: strength, intelligence, keenness, lack of compassion, judgment, conflict) So you are still fighting. We’re all fighting. It seems like there is a lot of that going on this weekend apparently. We are lacking the ability to see the other side for some reason. Honestly, and I hate saying this, but I feel (intuitively) that there is something going on politically that is causing us all to fight this weekend. Yesterday was the big day for that. Today we are showing off our muscle and it is just not a really great thing to do, friendship-wise/relationship-wise. You need to be careful with what you are doing though if you want to keep that relationship (whatever kind it is).

Overall Self-Care Card:
Page of Pentacles (Upright)(keywords: investment, study, future-planning prosperity, good luck, new ventures, pregnancy) Pages are typically the younger set in readings. Which means this is going to effect the younger generations more so then it is, say millenials on up. Gen Z and SOME millenials may be problem children in this case. I can’t say much (I’m a millenial). Whomever this is, this is a person who is eager to learn form you and you are mistreating them (or maybe it’s the other way around?).
Mentally– Treat yourself to some time alone to think. You deserve it!
Physically– perform some meditation to provide yourself with some clarity.
Spiritually– Whilst meditating, use some crystals! You never know what kind of energy they will bring you when you are trying to focus.

Please check out to see the week ahead after this weekend. Astrology is our friend!

Thanks for coming to my reading and have a safe weekend!

-Aunt Vyvyan Wormwood
The Wormwood Oracle and the Mind Behind the Darkest Designs