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Monday Musings- Entry the First

Hello my little Tarot Tots.

It’s time for something different. I want to do a little Monday musings. I think that it would be good for me to talk about my path and still talk about things that can be relative to my tarot and my spiritual life.

So where do I begin? Obviously at the beginning!

Where did I come to find out about paganism?

Honestly, I came to know about paganism from learning about Tarot cards. If you’ve followed me much, you know that I found a deck of cards at a flea market on my birthday when I was ten and began going all downhill (uphill, really) from there.

I started studying a variety of topics. I came across an idea about the “collective conscious” or “unconscious” or something. It was a very foreign topic to me. Thinking that all people and things in the universe could somehow communicate with each other just didn’t click right away. I remember sitting in my one class where were were practicing for choir trying to meditate and when my friends asked what the hell I was doing I responded with “I’m trying to connect to the universe.” Of course they laughed at me quite a bit for that and everyone around me thought I was totally weird (not that I wasn’t the weird kid anyway…).

So I guess I was always okay with the fact that I was just the weird kid. I was the only goth kid in the school that really spent time alone. None of the other goth kids really wanted to hang out with me because I didn’t want anything to do with drugs or alcohol (because I was planning on going to college and I was very serious about it) or anything like that. That and I was super depressed and angry all the time. I suppose we can talk about that later.

Basically, Tarot was a stepping stone for me. That’s the TL;DR portion of things. It’s not difficult. I didn’t know much when I first started (but who does) and I feel like I don’t know enough now. All I know is that I am a truth-seeking Oracle on the path to finding her own truth.

What’s your truth, friends?

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Earth Day 2017

Hello my little Tarot Tots.

It’s Earth Day and I thought I would talk about it a little bit.

Today I drew a card from my Druid Plant Oracle deck. That card that I drew is Yarrow.

Yarrow is the plant of the Horned God, so they say. It’s a very virile plant. There is a fun little thing that Yarrow is used to staunch blood from injuries and whatnot. I have not tried this personally, but there is a lot of Yarrow in my area of the world.

If you want to celebrate Earth Day, why not plant some Yarrow? It should already be trying to come up in some parts of the world, but it only blooms in Summer and Autumn. Gives you a little bit of a wait for it’s beautiful, little flowers.

Something I think is important is for our students, children, and pretty much everyone really to have some form of gardening skill. It’s very useful. I believe that gardening and things like that, things that will produce for the kiddos, should be taught in school and that the produce from these things should be given to like a home ec class or what have you. It could be a summer program for kids who just need something to do or to even give them an opportunity to learn a new thing.

Earth Day is about respecting our Earth Mother by doing things to help her, be that recycling or gardening or any other positive Earth-based form of recreation. Our duties to our Earth Mother are important and should not be thought of as a job. We garden because it builds a better planet and it helps us (and others) out. It provides for us; SHE provides for us.

Care for your Mother.

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend Forecast 4-21-2017

Greetings my little Tarot Tots!

It’s time for another weekend forecast. This weekend is continuing onward of Mercury Retrograde. Like I have mentioned before, it will be continuing until about May 3rd, 2017. There’s still quite a bit of time left of the Retrograde so please be careful, of course.
So there is not a lot for me to talk about before today’s reading. It’s been an interesting week, full of all kinds of shenanigans. Hopefully there have been some good things going on in your lives as well. I know last week’s weekend forecast was a bit sour. I try to keep things positive as much as I can just because I prefer that, personally. I like to keep it light. But there are just some days when the tarot gives me a bit of a smack and says, “No!”, so I have to listen of course. There’s always a reason.
I’m using the Tarot of the Spirit once again. I really like this deck. I’ve used it for quite some time now, and if you’ve been following for a little while you know that this is the first deck I ever used. Although this one is a newer copy of the one I originally had. I had to learn some pretty crazy stuff to learn how to use this deck.
Anyway, let’s get on to business, okay?:

Friday 4-21-2017:

10 of Wind (The Way of the Cross): New things are coming your way. Unfortunately, you are going to have to learn to transcend from past issues to learn to get these new things. It could even mean death in this case. Hopefully this will not be anything too serious. I am trying to keep it light (like I said). Try to keep an eye out for opportunities that you can learn to do things beyond your normal capacity.

Saturday 4-22-2017:

6 of Wind (Clarity): You will be finding your way clearly this weekend, but please be careful. This can lead to fanaticism. This could be something that you have had information on or acted on from yesterday (Friday, 4-21-2017). So there may be some sort of differences that you are going to have to solve. Like I said before (and I always say), please be careful.

Sunday 4-23-2017

Brother of Wind (Knight): It looks like you won’t exactly listen or act upon my warnings. You might even just have happened on this on accident. There will be some form of conflict this weekend and it’s going to really hit a head on Sunday (today). Always be careful and cautious.
This doesn’t exactly look like a promising weekend, and I apologize for that. Just know that I love you all and I hope you have a good weekend regardless.

Be Well, Friends.

-Vyvyan Wormwood
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Weekend April 14th- April 16th 2017

Greetings and Salutations my little Tarot Tots!

WARNING: Mercury Retrograde, Venus Retrograde, Jupiter Retrograde, Saturn Retrograde

It’s time for another tarot weekend forecast! I’m excited because I’m using my newest deck that I got, the Gilded Tarot. It came in a set called Easy Tarot with a book and a mat you can use to practice a particular spread. Since I just kind of wing my spreads anyway the mat doesn’t really matter too much to me but it makes a cool poster! If you are looking to get an easy deck to learn I really think that this is a good deck for you to check out. This tarot set is released by Llewellyn. I’ll try to do a post about it another time so you can see what I think of it more in depth.

So in other important news, we are under a couple of Retrogrades. It looks like Mercury is retrograde (oh joy), and Venus is just finishing up being retrograde. Also it appears that Jupiter and Saturn are both retrograde as well. If you’re into astrology there are some really cool sites that you can go to that you can learn more about this stuff. My favorite weekly resources are Grand Trines and Cafe Astrology, as they both talk about things in detail.

You can find them at these links:
Cafe Astrology’s This Week Peek
Grand Trines and Their Resources

Okay, now that I have babbled on for a little bit I think we should get down to business, shall we?

Friday- 4-14-2017:
Knight of Cups (Reversed): Thankfully this card means something good, even when it is reversed. You will have a ton of offers this weekend, possibly by a gentleman or lady with a water element as their sign or element. This person will show you how to have a good time and you’ll definitely be enjoying yourself. Thank goodness for this because mercury retrograde is often a time of the complete opposite.

Saturday- 4-15-2017:
II The High Priestess (Reversed): It seems like whomever you were visited by yesterday is here to offer you something else. Perhaps something secret or a bit of gossip. They will probably be very feminine in nature so be alert to this trait. I think they will still be the person who has a water sign, but you can expect anything during a time of retrograde. Everything is going bonkers. Follow your gut and you’ll be glad you did.

Sunday- 4-16-2017:
Three of Cups (Reversed): This card does NOT mean good things are going to happen. Be prepared for the worst, honestly. This is one of those days that mercury retrograde is going to rear it’s head at you (all of us, honestly). Please be careful in what you do. If you can be tactful, you can work out the situation on your own after today but today will be awfully heated. Just be careful.

So basically the summary of today is: Be wary for one or more people who are going to offer you something good. Be careful that your Sunday is not overrun with complete chaos. I can’t say that you will feel very productive this weekend or anything, but you never know. Like I said, be careful.

Wishing you lots of love,

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend Forecast 4-7 to 4-9

Hello there my little Tarot Tots!

So we’re coming up on the weekend again. Pretty exciting stuff, eh? This weekend I decided to use the Romantic Tarot to read with. I really like the Victorian inspired artwork that is on this deck. The cool thing about it is that we can see things in relationships this weekend.

I had a friend randomly pick the deck that I was using this week and this is the one that she picked. I’m happy that it was this and I thought it was funny because she’s very into Victorian living and the aesthetic. I hope you like it, too.

URGENT: I wanted to let you all know that Mercury Retrograde is coming up, so please be aware of that. It begins on April 9th and ends on May 3rd. Mercury Retrograde is a time where Murphy’s Law is pretty much the only law. Chaos ensues. Please be cautious, my little Tarot Tots.

Let’s begin:

Friday 4-7-2017:
X The Wheel of Fortune: Today is a day of change; the wheel will tell you this. It’s time to do something different than usual today. Maybe you want to do something different with your romantic partner or a friend or really anyone. Even if you just do something by yourself, do something different. You need this positive change in your life. The keyword to this card is “Change.”

Saturday 4-8-2017:
VII The Chariot (Reversed): So this is interesting. Normally the Chariot card shows a person that they need to really keep on keeping on, but this one is another card in a position of change. It’s funny because we have had two Major Arcana cards so far. I think this means that what you are going to be doing with your time is very important and that you should put some thought into what you are doing. Please be careful, but know you are doing the right thing. The keyword to this card is “Conviction.”

Sunday 4-9-2017:
VI The Lovers: How strange. Another Major Arcana. That must mean that this weekend is going to be super important. Fear not this weekend but be prepared for all of the things that will be happening today. This day will challenge you. Be passionate about what you do to prove that you can do it properly and with conviction (as the Chariot said before us and the Wheel before that). Please be aware that you are wonderful and your chose partner, occupation, or just self, all of these things, need to change in some way somehow. Maybe you need a more positive outlook at work? Maybe you need a fresh new date spot for you and your partner to go to? Maybe you need to do something to cheer yourself up. I suggest reading a good book! That always makes me pretty happy. Just know that this day is for change as well.

Okay then. So it looks like this weekend is going to be quite pivotal in your life. Major Arcana for everyone. I’m the Oprah of Major Arcana today. Just be careful about Mercury Retrograde. I cannot stress enough about how much trouble that this can cause.

Lots of love my little Tarot Tots! Enjoy your weekend.

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend Forecast 3-31-2017 to 4-2-2017

Greetings and Salutations my friends!

It’s time for another weekend forecast. This time I noticed that my cards all show very old characters in this deck. The deck I am using is called the Cat Tarot. I use it relatively often. I like to change things up as I feel they are needed. But today I felt like I needed to use this deck and it’s peculiar because I see that there are numbers and connections all throughout this weekend’s forecast. So I will do some summarizing at the end of this reading to help translate. Let’s get started:

Friday 3-31-2017
2 of Chalices (Laurel and Hardy): Time to do some traveling! You need to express your freedoms and look around. Do your own thing and be your own person. You can be different and be happy. I’m always different and I tend to have a relatively decent temperament (I don’t lie, sometimes I’m bitter. We can’t be happy all the time; That would upset the balance). It’s nice to be yourself. Perhaps you are waiting to tell someone something different about yourself. Maybe you should take this as a sign to do so. Chalices are an emotional sign so it might be your affections that you might be looking to discuss.

Saturday (Caturday?) 4-1-2017
10 of Pentacles (Walt Catsny): This is another card that wants you to beautify and create new worlds. You totally got this. I can’t believe how much the world wants us to create this weekend. It’s probably one of the best weekends to take on a project. Since pentacles are a more material sort of pip, and ten tends to be a sign of completion, why don’t you complete a project? It’s not a bad time to do that. Maybe it’s a sign to buy some flowers for your partner(s) or what have you. Or just get someone a gift and spread the love. That’s what balance is about; Creating happiness instead of the negative that affects us so much currently.

Sunday 4-2-2017
3 of Chalices (Catx Brothers): This is the ultimate sign that we are having a creative weekend and that you need to go and be weird. Be completely wacky and do something that is seen as off. This is an emotional card again so maybe do something weird with your partner(s) or what have you. Pets count, too. Even family. Just show someone your affection by doing something different.

So I noticed that two of my weekend cards are chalices. That tends to show me that there are a lot of emotional things going on this weekend. You will have a lot of fun though this weekend, as these are creative cards. All three cards are creative cards. They show you that it’s okay to be yourself.

Be yourself. Love yourself.

Be well, friends.

-Vyvyan Wormwood

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Weekend Forecast 3/24 to 3/26 2017

Greetings and salutations!!

It’s a bit late and I apologize for that. Hopefully your weekend is going to have a roaring start today. I can only hope that this weekend is going to be good for you.

Now, this being said, I have to warn you that I am using my Thoth Tarot deck set that I received a long time ago. I’ve used this before and you can always tell when I use it. The message is always a bit darker and definitely has a certain view to it. I believe this is because of who the creator of the deck was (or creators I suppose you could say, since the artist also counts, of course. One definitely cannot discount the artist), who was of course one Aleister Crowley. He was an interesting guy. There’s a ton of reading on him and some of the writings done by him.

Anwyay, let us get this party started. It’s time to see what the weekend has in store.

Friday 3-24-2017
Queen of Swords: This is a person who will enter your life or an idea that will enter your life today. You will find grace in this person or idea. You might start to exude more grace yourself. Subtlety and wonder will come to you on this day. This may cause your emotions to come into play quite a bit today so be concerned that someone doesn’t consider you to be too emotional. You are on top of this. You can do this. It’s Friday. TGIF.

Saturday 3-25-2017
III The Empress: Today is another day full of love and peace. It’s not a bad day at all. Today is a day to embrace your femininity. Go shopping for toiletries, stitch on a button you think you were putting off for so long, do things that are “stereotypically” female in nature. You can bake a pie, do some laundry, even. Although if you do both than I believe you will have a much richer life. What’s better than fresh pie and warm laundry?

Sunday 3-26-2017
XX The Aeon *the world* (Reversed): Today is the last step in a project that you have been working on. Did you start something this weekend and not finish it yet? Today is the best day to do so. Of course, if you have something that’s been looming over you at work/home/art/etc, perhaps you should ponder it over today. Maybe you’ll come up with an idea that you hadn’t thought of before. It’s a good day for that. Divine inspiration will smile upon you.

Looks like this weekend is going to be a doozy of a weekend once again. But productive, none the less. I hope you enjoyed my reading and found some sort of truth in it. That’s what I like to hear. Feel free to pop me a message; I’d love to hear about your weekend.

Be Well friends,

-Vyvyan Wormwood